waterproof duct tape

I know that there are good and bad forms of duct tape that range from the original 3M to the cheappie dollar store brands.

And I know that there are different kinds for different uses…

So what specific brand is used for a repair of a plastic kayak while still inthe water?

I e-mailed 3M but no reply so far.

Well know wonder yer using duct
tape…next time try using duck tape, I think you’ll find thats its water proof…

Lee Valley…
sells a really good duct tape - about 2x as heavy, 3x as sticky, and 4x as expensive as the usual hardware store stuff. Absolutely no comparison. We’ve used it, and it works. So does Tuck Tape, the red stuff you’ll see sealing sheet foam insulation joints as it’s installed.

use in roofing, might do the job but it lkes to be warmed up.

Derek Hutchinson taught how to get a paddler on your deck right in front of the cockpit, and pull the boat across in order to dry the boat and effect the repair… I’ve only practiced this about 5 or six times, it might be in “beyond the cockpit”.

For glass boats north sea resins makes a kit using an UV led flashlight that cures under water and super fast

underwater repair
There is an underwater vinyl pool patch available at most pool stores. I have used it many times even in temps close to freezing. I cant say it would hold if disturbed once it is set in place.

Or is it bituthene
Peter how is it spelled? Is it the following product or like it?

GRACE BITUTHENE 3000 WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE Bituthene 3000 waterproofing membrane is a composite sheet of 56 mils of rubberized asphalt and 4 mils of cross-laminated, high density polyethylene film

Sounds good to me
get some fron a contractor. I think Jed has used it on the water perhaps he will help.

Under water epoxy with kevlar!
A friend of mine swears (likes) by this stuff called Wet Dry 700tm

EpoxyProducts sells it. It works underwater or dry and can be thinned or thickened. Here is the web URL


Check this out
I’m sure the resin you talked about is good but the north sea stuff cures in under one minute using the UV led light source.

I went to their site and they do have products for abs and pvc. here is the link


$$$$ but for massive on the water repair, it’s probably very good. On a seruous expedition I’d have a bit of it absolutely.

List of amazing fixit things
OK then, onto the list of amazing fixit items that make a difference between despair and alright, lets get on then. Who knowws with this stuff Chris Duff might have kayaked on after his surf crash in New Zealand (pobably not, but hey who knows).

Arno brand duct tape
is the strongest I have ever encountered. Find it at HVAC&R supply houses. First thing you notice is how heavy each roll is. Second thing you will notice is how sticky it is. Third thing you will notice is the price. Steep, but it works and lasts.


100 mph military grade duct tape
OK, here is my favorite,

GI Duct Tape 180 Ft Roll Green 100 MPH Extra Strong 2 Wide

military specification, have not seen anything better.


All you need to know about duct tape