Waterproof Fanny Pack?

Any suggestions, opinions? My friend uses one to keep small items and valuables in and keeps it in front of him while portaging his canoe while wearing his Bill’s Bag. I did a search and really didn’t come up with anything that looked good. Thx

Like these?


I swear by mine

took it down the Amazon and everything stayed nice and dry.


How does Gaia do the closures? I see
what might be a waterproof zipper, but the rest is not discernible in the picture.

I will never relay on rolltop closures again for anything that has to stay absolutely dry. I used a roll top fanny pack when wading and swimming the Chattooga Headwaters, and it repeatedly siphoned small amounts of water through the closure, due to temperature and pressure variations.

I don’t know if Watershed makes a fanny pack, but their closure is so reliable that I would rather belt on one of their small packs than risk gear with a roll-top.

roll top closure
The Gaia bag has a roll type closure with about 4 turns until it buckles on the sides. The waterproof zippers are realy not and are for outside pockets (mine are mesh) where I carried bug sting tubes, sunscreen and deet (it was after all the Amazon) the inside stuff was camera batteries, mini towel, and whatever other electronics I felt I needed for paddling. It also doubled on the ground in Manaus for holding wallet, keys, and camera out of sight. (optio w60)

I did roll with it a couple of times because I forgot I had it on with no issues. Would I deliberately put my most valuable possessions (passports etc) and dunk it on purpose? probably not.

Paranoid me always had the really important stuff (like passports and wallets) in small aloksak plastic bags as well and I just stuffed the entire envelope in the fanny pack giving me double protection. the envelopes never got wet either.


Thx folks, I did quickly see the Cascade bag but didn’t think it was a fanny, thought it was a shoulder, I’ll check it out. Also like the other one.

It’s this stuff prior that is part of the fun, at least the first time. I rea;;y like the Cabellas Boundary padded pack over the NRS Bills Bag, opinions?



Hard case or double bag
For my electronics (GPS,cell phone,etc) they either go in a waterproof hard case or are double bagged in two dry bags. Never just trust one dry bag!

Cascade Design Seal Pak
My wife and I have the Cascade Design Seal Pak that Mintjulep mentions. I wear min in front of me, or hang it from the thwart of the canoe and it protects my cameras, wallet, medicine, etc.

Great little pack.