Waterproof flashlight for sea caves.

I just got back from Mendocino. Incredible sea caves. But my LED headlamp was completely insufficient for the kind of exploring I could have done with a better light. Conditions were so calm we could have gone way back in to a lot of caves if we could have seen anything. What do you use as a light source for exploring the pitch-black slots of sea caves?

princeton tec solo
Waterproof and comes with 2 bulbs, a regular incandescent and a hi power krypton bulb.

a better headlamp

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if this isn't giving you enough light there's a problem.


or a dive light that can burn out of the water,some can't as they get too hot



with lithium batteries this one is light,small and could lay flat on the foredeck of your kayak

Here’s a cheap one…
…that has never let me down. I have others but grab this one first for camping or on a bike.


Walmart has these on sale
3 bucks.I bought 2 and will probably go back for a few more.

Visit a dive shop…

UK SL4 Xenon
I have used the SL4 and the 8D (as in 8 D batteries) for night diving. I have had them for 10 plus years with no complaints. They are both indestructible and will more than meet your needs. I think the SL 4 would also make a good kayak camping light due to its sturdy construction.

One word of caution on the lights - both of these flashlights will sink if dropped in the water.

One word of caution on the caves - if you are going anywhere that you cannot see the entrance, you need to be very careful. I am not sure about the preferred method in cave kayaking, but divers run a line from the entrance (you can pick up a reel from any dive shop). On that note, if you are going anywhere that dark, you should carry a back up lighting source or two.

given the ocean exposure of these caves it’s kinda dicey if the tide is high/ceiling low. The last thing a person in 12cubic feet of buoyancy wants to do is get ground into the roof from an oversized wave. I only backed in a few boat lengths able to see the ocean to dash out or went through some of the cut through passages in outcroppings. Definately helmet territory.

I like proinston tec
only becuae unlike most that advertize ‘weatherresistant’ the tec actually has a depth rating on theirs.

I keep a small one clipped to my PFD and if there is a chance of cave or darkness, a few more clipped to the deck bag.

Water-resistant and weather-proof are NOT waterproof. Be certain to get one that is rated for at least a meter at 20 minutes. One roll will destroy most gear.