Waterproof GoPro Companion Light

-- Last Updated: Jan-15-15 7:29 PM EST --

Hey Guys,

I work for a small manufacturing company in California called Light and Motion. We have been manufacturing high lumen lighting for over 20 years and for the first time ever are launching a crowd-funding campaign.

We have launched a new LED companion light for GoPro on Kickstarter called the "Sidekick". This light is killer and comes in a few different models including an all in one 400-lumen spot and 600-lumen flood.

Crowd funding is new for us and we need the support of the GoPro community in order to raise the necessary funds to acquire the machinery to mass produce the Sidekick. Not only that but it gives our fans a chance to support us but also invest in us as we enter this new market.

If you have any questions on the product or the company feel free to comment below.

You can find the Kickstarter link here: