waterproof guitar case

Hey everyone,

This is my first post and i got a question for you. I love going on float trips and i love camping. I also love playing my guitar. I wish i could bring my guitar along when i go out on these trips but i don’t of course for fear of getting it wet and ruined. I want to be able to sit around the campfire and play some tunes with everyone singing along. So heres my question…How can i keep my guitar dry and safe when conoeing/kayaking? Thanks for any help.

ponder that guitar
Reminds me of a wilderness camping trip last summer where someone at a nearby campsite was playing guitar through the evening. Although I used to play guitar and love music, it was a bit disappointing to here music instead of the loons and wildlife. Not to discourage you, but it’s nice to ponder if neighboring campers want to hear your guitar (even if you are great) vs. the sounds of nature. Just my own thoughts, having had too many evenings in the outdoors marred by blarring radios, loud voices, chainsaws, generators, and yes, guitars. :slight_smile:

The Traveler

Put this little sucker in a drybag.

I agree with Martin
to a certain extent, but my early forays into Canada were accompanied by guitar, harmonica, and concertina music around the campfires. But were were teens then. Now I believe there is room for music and solitude.

Martin (not the P-Netter!) makes a compact acoustic guitar that supposedly fits into a long drysack. Should be easier to carry and stow than a standart model.


That’s why I bring my Banjo!
Keeps the RVs with their generators parked 100 yards away.

I don’t think I would ever pack any of my guitars in a kayak, although there are some cases you can buy. A Uke is a good instrument to take on paddling trips, very easy fits in a dry bag and not loud enough to be obnoxious. It also fits in around the water very well.

Call Cushy Case
They may not do this, but it’s worth a call. They will make custom sized soft cases for instruments. It is possible that either they make a waterproof option or know of someone who does.

Martin Backpacker

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Martin makes a guitar called the Backpacker. it fits into a thin, long drybag and stows in the stern of most sea kayaks. it ain't a substitute for a BIG guitar it's a substitute for NO guitar.


Jack's Plastic Welding makes a drybag for BIG guitars. I have taken mine down the Colorado-grand canyon 4 times. google it.


Yep, the Martin backpacker
is a fine guitar, and pretty cheap too… around $150.

Martin Backpacker
When I was ten I made a guitar out of a cigar box and some lumber and wire fishing line. It sounded better than a Martin backpacker IMO anyway. Save your money.

yea but…
stairway to Heaven isn’t quite the same on a Ukulele…

Stairway to Heaven ain’t the same
that’s why you need the concertina. It’s great when you segway into the waltz time version of War Pigs too…


I bet bagpipes
would be good for much farther than 100 yards.

For all you doubters…
Please view/listen to this video clip (all the way through) and then make up your mind about the potential of the 'lil uke




Accordion music is so soothing in
the woods… Polka anyone?

Why thankyou Improziv, the…
… Keyport Kid.

That young man in your linked video certainly displays incredible talent, and his ukulele gently wept, sweetly sang, hell, it even chopped some mean licks. Why, there was even a moment in his playin’ where I thought he might be effortlessly segueing into that famous Electric Light Orchestra instrumental number, the name escapes me, was it 10538 Overture?

Yeah, you get that uk-a-flail-ly player goin’ round the campfire, and add in the ghost of big Bro Iz along with the TripleX Harmonettes (jsaults, Topher, and some other fruitcake), and you’ll definately have the loons and crickets sittin’ out a session, as all sorts of malodorous-melodious musical merriment jangles out its take upon wrinkly-crinkly, Jimmy-cracked, Lord purchased QCC Benz’s.

But hey, no worries! Sooner or later the You-People-Ain’t-Right Singers will need their rest, or at least a lap or two around the picnic table to forage remnant ounces amongst the mostly dead-soldier fifths and tinnies, and then the loons and crickets and whatever howling children-of-the-night (“What beautiful music they make,” to vamp a line) will return to night’s stage.

Or, impatient if you be, you could always, a la Beluschi snatchin’ back cherries from his love, grab up that Mini-Mart-Martin to bash it right good and fatal like against a nearby oak, with a loud crash signaling the start of the Sounds of Silence number. Hey, and then you won’t need any waterproofin’ whatsoever, unless you like to wax your matchsticks.


Well there magical king’s contrivance,
perhaps not with a polka, but that accordian in the hands of someone like Jo-El Sonnier playin’ a slow waltz or ballad, with a dusky alto croonin’ along some sad lyrical storyline, well, that might just get ya all quiet, pensive, and restive-round the campfire.

But then a lil chanky-chank to get ya dosey-do’n wouldn’t hurt, neither.


That’s what I’m talking about!
thanks for posting the link

now I’ve got to try to figure out his arrangment.

(Oh and for you Stairway freaks did you notice the chords are the same for the jams in both songs.)

John Balushi had it right
Does anyone else remember the scene from Animal House where John takes care of the guitar once and for all.

waterproof it
Take that wooden guitar and treat it like a wooden boat - a couple thin coats of epoxy and water will be no problem!