Waterproof Headlamp

Any suggestions for a waterproof headlamp to use while kayaking?

alot of folk use the princeton tec’s

I’ll tell ya what I use
Got it at REI. I do not think it is completely waterproof, but dunkable for sure. I think it is rated IPX4.


It uses 2 AA batteries. I have dozens of NIMH rechargables and only puchase items that use this cell. It is light and versatile. It has one very bright light with 4 settings and it has 2 smaller LED’s, also with 4 settings. All that for less than $50.

Princeton Tec
Have used the Aurora model by Princeton Tec for years. Waterproof, led bulbs,three brightness settings, two strobe. and run for many many hours on simple three AAA batts. The batts fit into the lamp head so no need for separate batt compartment. When camping alone I use this exclusivly for night lighting.

Is the Aurora waterproof?

I use the INOVA headlamp - water resistant - I’ve put mine in water and it continues to work. Lots of multi function light choices - great for day and/or night paddling.


PrincetonTec Eos

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Eos and Apex are waterproof, 1m submersible. The Aurora is "splashproof". You want something totally submersible in case it falls in the water,tied on bungies or tossed in a wet kayak.

overall the Eos is a very good choice, three settings plus flash. 3AAA batteries. 1watt max setting for 6hrs, low setting 60hrs. The one watt setting is good enough to signal a 1/2 mile away. The low setting is good enough to read in a tent.


get a couple of the Attitude handhelds. With 4AAA batteries it lasts longer than the Aurora, is brighter, is submersible to 100m, slim enough to fit inside a pfd, and with a big enough lanyard you can wear it around hour neck or hang in a tent. 150hrs battery time. I've used Lithiums in it which last a long time, left in a kayak, wet pfd, used multiple times over a couple years without batteries running out. At a campsite it makes a low level area light pointed into a waterbottle. THAT'S an emergency flashlight.