Waterproof Headlamps?

I need to replace my supposed-to-be waterproof headlamp. This was Princeton’s waterproof one - the EOS I think? - and for a time it worked quite well after it had a chance to dry out. So I could either have a working headlamp or would have to schedule a roll to cool off against how dark it’d be when we got in from a paddle.

I am willing to get another waterproof one that isn’t, as long as I have some confidence that I can get it replaced with receipts etc in hand. Does anyone have a suggestion for a headlamp that will work for at least a little bit after getting dunked, and is easy to get replaced?

Underwater Kinetics Vizion

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One o' de best an' wudderproof (ta 33 feet) headlamps around. Usin' dem fer years. Made in USA - not China. Cheap too!


I’ve got a a couple of Princeton Quads. I did have one quit on me, but took it back to REI and they replaced it no questions asked.


Elmo’s right
I was a fan of the original PT design (waterproof to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) but their latest designs are not so watertight.

Wish I had a UK. Looks like the right stuff.


rather than taking them back
over and over again (abusing REI’s policy by using something for other than its intended purpose), get a tube of silicon and coat it with silicon wherever it could leak. I suppose vaseline would work too, although I can’t vouch for that. Silicon has worked for me. Then just peel it off when battery-change time comes.

UK Vizion is my choice

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Not sure how long I have been using UK dive lights for commercial, salvage, rescue and recreational diving so when I needed a head lamp UK was my choice and like the other UK lights it keeps on going. The only thing I don't like (which is trivial) is that it uses 3-AAA batteries and not AA like my GPS and other battery equipment but the batteries last a long time. The light can also be removed from the headband.

Petzl E-Lite . . .
. . . is waterproof.

but …
it doesn’t float (don’t ask me how I know). Put a float on it and it’s good to go. Pretty cheap, waterproof and compact. Uses coin cell batteries.

Clip On
I use the Guardian with modifications. I glued a piece of foam to the clip and reflector. It uses coin batteries that last forever. The seal failed on one last year after 4 years of service. One out of four not bad. I always carry a few in my PFD. They clip to my hat or rigging. I can get an elastic band for my head. The UK looks interesting.



It also come in . . .
. . . a really neat carrying case that you can attach to PFD or somethin’


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I purchased a waterproof headlamp. It quit. I returned it once. Please help me understand how I abused REI's policy or used the headlamp for something other than it's intended purpose.

Also, I use headlamp often for night paddling and running so I usually change the batteries weekly. Removing and replacing silicone that often is impractical and shouldn't be necessary for a waterproof headlamp.

I have (and like)
the Petxl E-Lite. Not the most powerful headlamp, but plenty for letting others know you are there and seeing around your boat. Mine seems to be watertight.


Is taking it off an option?
For “real cause” rolling it wouldn’t work, but for practice you can take the headlamp off and put it inside a small Pelican box with clear cover. While the cased light would no longer serve as headlamp, you could leave the light on inside it for hand-carrying, if necessary.

Laziness kinda
I could take the darned thing off and on, but I mostly need it for evening paddles where time getting on and off the water is at somewhat of a premium. So I put the head lamp on around my neck along with the sunglasses and hat, so I am wearing it before I leave the car, rather than have it be one more piece of gear to fuss with as part of the final launch.

There’s also a practical consideration - the day hatch cover on my more used boat these days, the little Vela, can snug down to where it’s a bear to get off. Warm air and cooler water combos make for something that I can’t always pry off myself after a bit of time on the water.

So alltold, I’d prefer something that can get wet.

Magnesium flares
Just don’t attach it to your head!

Thanks all
Some great ideas here - much appreciated. I have some good stuff to pursue.