Waterproof housing or bag

for a video camera that will allow me to use the camera in rough water or rain. I have checked with Aquapac and they don’t have one for my camera. Is there anyone else out there that makes them? Thanks for your help

I would neve have another aquapac

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MUch rather have ewa marine check them out.

Why my disdain for aquapac you might ask?

Often leaked a couple of drops and developed a leak just where the thumb pocket turned in.

Obviously a materials or design defect but after 13 months (very light) use "you are on your own buddy". NIce looking toy though.

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I second the Ewa recommendation. I purchased a bag from B&H Photo for my digital camera to use underwater.

But, I first tested the bag by filling it with tissue paper, weighing it down and dropping it into our pool for about 10 minutes. When I pulled it out, the paper was wet. This was less than a week before a trip to Cancun where I planned to use the bag. A quick call to the US distributor explaining the situation, and I had a new, pre-tested bag in the mail in time for the trip. They did confirm that the bag seal was bad on the original.

Great service and the new bag has been fine. I would not hestitate to buy a new one if and when I change cameras.

The housing came with a nice bag to carry everything and protect the housing, which was convenient for travelling. I also use the dessicant pouches to clear up any humidity that might be present when the bag is sealed:

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Ewa Marine
With several hours of use every couple weeks from my sea kayak, the bag began to leak after about 18 months. The first instance badly damaged my Sony 707. The failure (a small crack), occurred where the plastic reflects inward for shutter access. Now the seams are opening and require repeated gluing and taping. The thing has no stay power…designed for people going to the islands for vacation who want some shots of tropical fish while snorkeling…for rare use in my view. Many frustrations with this gear: the plastic loses all pliability when it is cold and is very hard to use, you get no “feel” of the shutter button at all, just holding the bag risks inadvertantly triggering the time delay function or the flash or whatever. It is very hard to see through the plastic to see into the viewfinder. You won’t know if what you are shooting is in focus. It’s only real virtue is that it is light and relatively cheap…although there isn’t more than $10 with of material in the thing. I shoot in very rough adverse conditions and am finally convinced, you get what you pay for, applies to on-water photography as much as any where else.

OK, a bit of ranting, but I’ve just returned from a day shooting some storm surf action and am again not pleased with the gear…two leaks found on immersion when I got home.


Glas to have a review from an ewa user
looks like there is room for someone to use a urethane bag and a glass window instead of that dirt cheap PVC garbage eh?