Waterproof Inkjet Paper

Anyone have any experience using the waterproof inkjet papers?

I might use them for the occasional map or for carrying notes or I might even try using them for an emergency card.


Photocopy, yes
I’ve used waterproof copier paper in the past, with great success. I’m very interested to see if it works with ink jet. I’ll be surprised, since these inks tend to wash away with water…


I use the National Geo Adventure paper which is Teslin and waterproof plus you can print on both sides.

yes. works well
I’ve used the National Geographic paper also. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the price, IMO. It works great with my ink jet printer. I occasionally print sections of charts that I only have in non-waterproof format. I copied my guide license onto it too. I also sometimes keep a blank piece of it on deck to make waterproof nav notes, etc.

It fades a bit after a while if it’s kept wet, or if it’s been used a lot, but on the whole I’d say it works great.

iGage Weatherproof paper
I’ve used iGage weatherproof Paper with great results.


With B&W LaserJet printer (Hewlett Packard) or Hewlett Packard Color Laserjet, no bleeding or loss of color whatever after using charts on front deck staying wet in the ocean all day, for many days.

Color Inkjet wasn’t quite as good - lost some color after a day of being wet, although still plenty legible.

Very resistant to tearing - never had a problem.

If you need to print a lot of stuff, it might be cheaper to just buy a laminator and pick up some laminate sheets off ebay. I got a 9" hot laminator on sale from Harbor Freight Tools for about $20. Laminate sheets can be had for about $0.16 ea. off ebay if you buy a 100-pack. I’ve been printing my own nautical charts and laminating them, then making notes/marking courses with a grease pencil. Works great.

El Cheapo Alternative
I simply coat my maps and notes with Thompsons Water Seal. The paper needs a couple of days to dry and then it is very water resistant (not totally waterproof) though somewhat transluscent. It also seems to make my maps tougher and stand up to more foldings without tearing.