Waterproof insulated work gloves

Whenever I camp, I bring a pair or two of work gloves. One insulated, the other not, but both leather. Looking for a pair of good waterproof insulated work gloves (not for paddling). Anybody know of any good ones?


Not leather, but
I have a pair of these.


They are actually waterproof. Not super warm, but ok. Good grippy palm.

Ronco (really)

Don’t know what you want to do with these gloves, but I have two suggestions to offer. The first is to just look through the glove selection at your local hardware store. They sell a rubber-equivalent glove with fuzzy on the inside. Also, for poling I use the cotton gloves that are dipped in latex, but only the working surfaces. The front is waterproof, grippy, and tough; the backs are just cotton knit material.

The second suggestion is to get barbeque gloves. Ours came with a rotisserie grill my wife bought from Ronco. I used these gloves when I was putting up berries this spring. I was reaching into a pot of boiling water to put / get the jars in / out, so they are definately waterproof and well insulated. Whether they are tough enough to function as work gloves, I can’t say. They cost $20 from this source: http://www.popeilfamilystore.com/glv.html

Good luck with your search,

Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

for my son…
He’s working in Seattle as a crew chief doing environmental rehab. They’ll do anything from ripping out invasive plants to building and cleaning trails. It rains a lot there and can get cold. Hence the desire for waterproof insulated work gloves. I’d like to get a pair myself.

I did see Duluth Tradings gloves. They’re not expensive. Has anyone tried these?



Just saw some

I stopped by Bowens Farm Supply store in Annapolis today. I eyeballed the rack of gloves they had there while I was checking out.

There were two types of gloves there, both under $10 that are insulated and waterproof. I belief the brand name was Workingman, and they are work gloves. One a tuff orange rubbery material with insulation inside. The second, were actually mittens of a black rubbery material with insulation. These mittens had a very tough and very grippy working surface, and seemed to have a little more insulation.


Thanks Chip!
I’ll see if I can find some locally here.