Waterproof iPod Otter Box

Just got my new waterproof iPod Mini case and love it. Paddling around the living room imagining I’m Sing catching some really gnarly wave (watch out for that couch!). Now if they’d only come out with reasonably priced waterproof headphones!

I wish I knew how to load songs and…

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...lectures from a Windows PC onto an ipod. if I could, I'd get one... and an Otterbox to hold it all in.


Just saw this…
I might just have to get one.


I Have One
They work great. I use it for my backyard creek solo poling trips.

I have taken to bringing my I-pod and small speaker system on all of my campouts. Its great to have my soundtrack playing while doing camp chores. Its also a way to share my musical findings with others.

TOPHER or bohemia
Do you have a web link for

— how to download songs and audio material from Windows PC to iPod?

---- Where to find good free “stuff” to download on-line?

— how to use Windows XP to change hardcopy CD material and load to iPod?


I can’t help you with the ipod quirks, I have an iriver.

Google podcast and there is enough to sift through for weeks. Most of it is crap but I found some great coffee house concerts and of course lots of NPR stuff after a short search.

iTunes for Windows
iTunes works on Windows, letting you add your songs and lectures. You should also be able to treat your iPod as a hard drive and store additional files. (http://www.apple.com/itunes).

I-Tunes For Windows
I use I-tunes as my music management software on both of my Windows machines as well as my I-mac. (its a free download from Apple). I did purchase a I-pod utility program (Tune Tools) so that I can easily transfer music from one machine to another using the I-pod.

I get the bulk of my music downloads from emusic.com. Its not free, but its way cheaper than I-tunes and the artists still get some of the money. If I can’t find it on emusic than I will resort to searching with e-tomipro, but I’m not proud of that.

Myspace.com is decent resource for free downloads. Most are posted by garage bands trying to get some exposure.

Use iTunes
on your Windows PC just as if you would have a mac. You can rip your CDs into MP3s in iTunes. When you connect your iPod via USB, iTunes automatically opens and it shows your iPod connected. You can choose to synchronize your iPod and iTunes automatically, or do it manually. I choose to do it manually and just drag what songs or albums I want on my iPod.

There’s now a large selection of free podcasts available on iTunes and those get downloaded automatically to iTunes when you open it.

Everything works flawlessly for me. I’m eagerly awaiting the new rumoured iPod Video!!!

I-Pod Video is Already Here
You can play videos on the new 30g and 60g I-pods.


will play video better, at a higher resolution with less compression and better video screen quality. While you can user update it for a wider range of video formats - for example OGM and MKV file formats which can contain several audio streams and subtitle files which are user switch able. These formats change all the time (being open source) and unless apple decides to update it for its device you’re stuck.

Hard drive PDA’s are just on the horizon. I suggest you look into it instead of buying apples advertising.

The current Windows version seems to be very straightforward. Pop in a CD, and it’ll ask you if you want to add it to your library. say yes, and it’ll rip it and index it. Plug in your iPod, and it’ll upload your whole library, or whatever you select.

There’s documetation on how to do all this at the iTunes website.

iLounge website

You will probably find the answer to your questions on the iLounge website just scroll down to the article archive at:


and/or you can try this USA Today article:


Personally, I have a Creative Zen, just my choice to use Windows proprietary media format over Apple’s iTunes.


Rumors have it
that there is a new iPod video coming – one with a bigger screen!

I have a Dell Axim
but I like the iPod because it plays my music, it plays my audible.com books, it plays my podcasts, and hopefully some day it will play some videos! I have a Slingbox and they released software for portables so I can now watch and control my DirectTivo anywhere on my Axim – pretty neat!

I’ve been a user of portable audio since the late seventies. I used to have what was called SkiTunes. It was a Craig car cassette deck with nicac battery pack with charging jack. All wrapped in foam and a cordura case, crisscross shoulder and waist straps for skiing.

It was the $hit.

Ove time that evolved intot he Walkman and various incarnations.

I now have a 60gig ipod over half loaded with nearly 9,000 songs. I use that for my excercise walks, food shopping and skiing but never even think about taking tunes out to paddle.

I’m sure they would be cool to hear but I really cherish the silence except for the sound of the paddle dipping and splashing and the conversations with friends.

I have no plans to take the ipod or speakers into the wild. No reason to.

9 months of the year …
I am confined to paddling on a small lake. So it’s back and forth, back and forth. I like the tunes to keep up the pace.

Incidentally, I got mine from Otter Box for $30. NRS offers the same thing for $50. Maybe it comes in a nicer cardboard box.