Waterproof LED headlamps

The archived posts are fairly old on this topic, given new models frequently coming out. I’m looking for a new “truly waterproof” LED headlamp for not only on a kayak or canoe but around camp or dog walks at home. My EOS was never waterproof as marketed and moderate dampness easily shorted out the electronics.

Princeton Tec Scout
Although I’ve never taken it underwater. I love my 2 led scout. I had the first one for 3 years before it disintegrated then bought another one. I had to use it several times at night in some real gully washers here in Florida so it got plenty soaked. They still are for sale. It’s only 2 LEDs so it’s not super bright, and it takes watch batteries instead of AAA’s, but on the plus side it’s super lightweight.

How deep
Sorry to hear that the EOS fizzled. Never had problems with mine provided the o-ring was properly seated. That’s the only catch I’ve had with mine.

Might want to check out the Under Water Kinetics Vizion. Tested to 10m submersion. Neat light, 3AAA LED, spot, diffuse & red settings. Light core can be removed and used as a candle lantern style light for the camp table. $35.00

If you’re not going that deep or need an ultralight little, but bright light the Petzl e+Lite is a cool number. Waterproof to 1m and a whopping 27 grams.

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Second de Under Water Kinetics Vizion
Great waterproof noggin’ lamp. Costs not too much wampum, either.


Second the Petzl e+lite
but I’m on my second because it does not float! It’s cheap and gets the job done. I’ve added an eyeglass float to the headband, so it no longer fits in the non-waterproof case.


2nd Princeton Tec
forget if mine is a ‘scout’, but just last night I went out and included a little night time rolling practice and it still works just fine.

Bombproof LED haeadlamp
Princeton Tecs old models, long ago closed out, were WP to 2000’ or some such ridiculous number. Rotating bezel for a switch, no power settings, no leakage.


3rd the Petzl E lite
Just picked one up - super light - bright and soo small that you can bring it along anywhere, anytime!! I think these are going to be on my gift list in future! Plain Awesome!

There are many options on how to use this little light too. If looking for more general use, we like our Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp also.

Princeton Tec APEX

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One of the brightest headlamps there is....130 Lumens.....waterproof to 7 Meters....(Mine remained lit in 10 feet of water for 5 hours on 5MM high)....

I never trust the hype in advertisements...put the batteries in, turned it on, and threw it in the pool...


Maybe a new, updated EOS.
The LED is now a Rebel LED and is brighter with nicer beam.

You can test it for waterproofness right after you get it home by making sure it’s sealed properly and then dunk it in the sink. If it leaks, take it back.

I just got mine last week and haven’t tested it for waterproofness, though I probably ought too, since I plan on using it for kayaking next summer.

We had two of those
Took ‘em swimming in about 4’. One leaked - one didn’t.

I think you have to pay particular attention to the condition of the seals.

Hey SuperTroll
Is the one at the bottom of the TN River waterproof?

Blooopp! …

jim :wink:

You bet…water’s only 8 feet deep
where I lost it…Heck, if it had been ON when I lost it I’da been able to FIND it!

ZebraLight Headlamp

Meets IP68 in accordance with IEC 60529; Dust-tight; Protected against continuous immersion (1 meter, >30 minutes)

Not cheap, but built better than most any other headlamp. Versions for AA, CR123, and 18650 (rechargable) batteries.

Princeton tec makes good waterproof lights, for sure. Petzl lights are “H2ok” - means you should be able to just dry out the battery compartment and batteries, and it will work - water shouldn’t harm the electronics.

Testing mine tonight.
I’m going to let my daughter play with it in the bathtub. We’ll see how it fairs.

that’s surprising,EOS leaks?
I wonder if it got whacked?


I tried an e+lite at the store today.
It was surprisingly bright.

It’s nice that switch lever can be left at either the red LED or white LED end of the switch, so that you can start the light with either color LED.

It seems pretty expensive at $29.00 retail, but also seems pretty handy.