Waterproof MP3?

Anyone have a suggestion on a waterproof MP3 player? Paddling in peace and quite is nice, but would like the option of listening to music.

Small and waterproof would seem appropriate. Anyone know of a waterproof MP3 player?

Waterproof MP3
I, too, would like to know, but since I have a good MP3 already, how about just a waterproof

little case w/in - out jack, soft and transparent so I can touch buttons?

Voyager Drybag with jack
Voyager makes a roll-top drybag with a headphone jack built into it. You plug the internal cord into your headphone jack and then plug your headphones into the drybag.

I saw this bag at GI Joes (a sporting goods store in the Pac Northwest) last summer.



plastic bag
My mp3player goes into a normal plastic bag and normally lives zipped in the outside pocket of my paddlejacket. In fair weather when it’s too hot for the jacket, it goes inside the sprayskirt tunnel.

The surf once killed my headphones but the player remains safe and sound after 2-3 years of use while paddling.

Last weekend I enjoyed a 20km crossing with a force 6 in my back. The (loud) music definitely enhanced the fun. Only the throat was coarse when I landed from all the singing…


My vote is to leave it at home.
I respect every individual’s perspective, but for me, paddling, hiking, biking, etc. are opportunities to listen to things on the inside…

I am on the surfski and rhythm is everything

(or will be everything if I ever get a hand on this thing). So music can help.

There is no skirt option and I fall of a lot.

It works well. I put the bag under the bungees in front of me and the ear phones reah easily. What I would really like are waterproof AND cordless earphones.

Try multi tasking
listen to music AND whatever the music brings out from the inside. I think paddling and music go together quite well. without music, I end up talking to myself just for some audio stimulation.

I use a lilipod with my ipod.


Most of the time I enjoy silence and sounds of nature. But there is a time for everything and the right music compliments paddling nicely.

I’ve used the Voyager with
built-in headphone jack for a couple years now without any issues. Probably have a couple hundred hours of use on it. Somedays, there is no better time to listen to music then while on the water.

There’s a fellow on the river here now and then who most always has his headphones on. Now I love music (like the quiet too though), and have thought about listening while I paddle. The thing is though, my ears are most always my first warning of powerboat traffic approaching from behind. I’ve also thought about other “noise” I might need or want to hear - approaching thunder, another paddler or rower shouting a warning or asking for help, etc.

Don’t want to start any kind of heated debate, but is it safe to have headphones in your ears while on the water?

Electrically, yes you would
be safe. My biggest concern for those who wish to listen to outside music while on the water is that you may not be able to hear the birds as they fly by and drop their "bombs’ on your head :slight_smile:

What type
of Radio has great reception for A paddler?

When I go training on sat it would be nice to listen to car talk while I am paddling the same old lake…

I always hear a boat approach. I don’t have the music rturned up to a deafening level.

Rio s35 (not waterproof)
I have a Rio s35 that I like quite a lot. I bought an extra 128MB SD Card for it and had some high quality headphones already. It isn’t waterproof but I only wear it when I am paddling on protected waters with no powerboats. If conditions aren’t right I simply put it away. I don’t like the idea of listening in situations where powerboats are but otherwise it is quite nice to have music while I paddle.


Waterproof Mp3 players.
The Lilipod seems a very good idea for an Ipod’s waterproof case. This offers long hours of selected music for paddling. They still don’t offer to my knowledge, waterproof headphones.

Other less capacity option, would be the Oregon Scientific MP120/BL512C. It a waterproof MP3 Player with 512 MB of internal storage. That stores roughly up to 16 hours of music. This Mp player features an FM radio with 30 presets, waterproof stereo earphones and a handy carrying pouch.

There is other more marginal option. While an encased Ipod and the Oregon Scientific MP120/BL512C employ traditional air conduction technologies, Finis, Inc. has produced the waterproof SwiMP3 player uses bone conduction –transfering sound vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear– and targets swimmers, triathletes, surfers, synchronized swimmers and anyone involved in water activities. It holds approximately four hours of music.