Waterproof paddling pants


I mostly paddle open boats and am looking for pants that are truly waterproof but somewhat breathable.

I don’t need the neoprene kayaking gear.

I’d like something on the scale of nylon running pants - light, flexible, easily balled up and stowed.

Something like gortex but I could do without the extreme breathability of gortex since I don’t generate as much heat paddling as I might, say bicycling or hiking up a steep hill. And the waterproofness would be more important here.



I have the PacLite raincoat. Good quality. Didn’t buy the pants. I wear drysuit.


Check out www.nrsweb.com

Rain Pants
I have a pair of breathable coated Redledge rain pants from Campmor.


Short money. No complaints.

I also have a pair of older goretex pants with full length zippers on both legs. Those are easy to get on and off without taking off my shoes. Depending on what you wear and conditions that might be important.

The other nice thing, besides being waterproof, is that either pair blocks the breeze quite nicely. For that I’ll wear them over my wetsuit at times too.

Columbia Omni dri
and smilar stuff.

makes a bomber gore paddling pants. I use them for motorcycle riding in the rain as well as paddlin’! they are $$ but well worth it!


NRS Enurance
paddling pants. I just bought a pair and used them for the first time yesterday.Use poly underwear as a base and they will work fine. John

If you are doing Lake Erie,
then you deserve a response to your post.

I wear the NRS Endurance paddling top and pants,

and highly recommend them.

Pants are on sale here and now:


This might work too:
While not actually waterproof, pants by Immersion Research will repell splashed water extremely well, and they are COMFY, with a fleece lining. They’re a bit pricey (all good clothing is, it seems), and I admit I may have bought mine in a “weak moment” (after all, rain pants over wool pants has worked fine for me so far).

You still wear a wetsuit, Tommy?
I thought I was older than you. }:wink:

Rain pants
I use a pair of fleece pants underneath a pair of North Face rain pants, which are completely waterproof. Works great. Although I’ve also had good results with just a pair of $15 rain pants over fleece.

Looks like a good deal
Interesting thread, as I have been considering upgrading my paddling pants.

I’ve used a pair of Mountain Surf paddling pants for years of good use out of them, but I’m tempted to replace them with these. BTW, I don’t think Mountain Surf sells paddling pants anymore. Mine are not breathable, and whatever I wear under them is always wet at the end of the day. Even when I don’t swim, the pants retain any moisture that gets in them, and perspiration is usually enough to make wet whatever I am wearing underneath. So the breathable material of the NRS pants appeals to me.

I also swim out of my canoe with embarassing regularity. The Mountain Surf pants have velcro & neoprene ankle cuffs, and a neoprene waist band with straps on either side that draw the pant tightly closed. It’s not watertight, but only a limited amount of water enters, especially if the pants are “interlocked” with the tunnel of the paddling jacket. The NRS pants have a draw string closure. Are you happy with the waist closure system?

If I get these pants I’ll miss the mesh pocket on the thigh of the Mtn Surf pants. I drop my car keys in there on the theorey that I could loose the boat, loose my drybag or whatever, and as long as I am still in the pants, I still have keys. Any pockets in the NRS pants?

TIA for any info.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

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Am I doing it wrong?
I wear Columbia titaniums. They’re not wert for more than a few seconds, but far from waterproof.