Waterproof Pen/Paper

I’m planning to make some detailed maps with the location of rapids, strainers and such and will need to take quick notes above and below rapids. Need something quick to access and put away that can be wet.

I imagine something between a 3x5 and a 4x6 notepad would work well.

What do you use?


grease pencil
aka China Marker. I picked some up at Stables – probably available many places. Put map in plastic map case (or large, good quality ziplock) and mark on map. Some folks also mark notes right on their boat (fiberglass at least).

They sell that stuff at …
West Marine and Boaters world.



Rite-in-the-Rain brand
Pens and field notebooks that are waterproof. The pen is $9.90 and the notebook is $5.75 at Amazon.com.


Here you go…

This is what I use on expeditions when I want to make notes while on the water. Great stuff to have when you need it and comes in plenty of sizes.

Cheers…Joe O’


Geeoloogist’s field notebooks…

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Us ol' geeoloogists always used dem standard field yeller notebooks.

Opps! Ness already gave yer another source of these.


I have used a Rite-in-the-Rain notebook and Space Pen combo for years in extraordinarily harsh conditions without any problems. You can literally write under a running faucet.


Dive shop…
Have different size boards and markers that divers use underwater. They will clip to your rigging or PFD.

I used a Space Pen to draw calibration marks on objects while underwater in a water channel, works fine.

Jim, email me…
I’ll get you what you need on Redstone Arsenal in the morning!

SuperTroll took care of me!

I really appreciate it and will make good use of it.

The field notebook is very nice.


Rite in the Rain
They have a fantastic product range and it all works tremendously, just as advertised. I highly recommend them.

wet notes
perform better IMHO

Fisher Space Pen