Waterproof shirts

Does anyone have any reccomendations for waterproof shirts ?   I am looking for something loose and light weight.   Something  long sleeve that I can wear over a t-shirt or a sweatshirt.    Thanks

Mmmm… there are non-breathing paddle
jackets from outfits like Kokatat, which are very light, but hot and sweaty. All of the breathable fabrics are heavier, of necessity. The lightest breathable fabric I have seen is on my Palm semi-drytop. If you don’t need tight waist and neck closures, and in a Pungo you shouldn’t, check out some light breatable rainwear designed for hikers. Also go to rapidstyle.com, check what they have, and also check the realdeals section. They may have something light and good for sea kayaker types. Dana Chladek was 2 time silver medalist in Olympic slalom, but her parents are avid sea kayakers, so she knows a lot about flatwater needs.

my wife made me…
…a lot of paddling gear, including just what

you described from Polartec 2000S, but I think

they changed the name to something glitzier than


It breaths well, the coating on the outside

doesn’t seem to impare that. It’s amazingly

comfortable through a wide range of temperatures.

The stuff is damn near perfect. I am amazed at

how well it works.

But a cotton undershirt with it is a bad idea.

The cotton will get wet from perspiration and

turn to the dark side, making you cold and clammy.

Polar tec Aquashell now

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And it just kicks butt! I use a wetsuit made out of it, and would love to make a vest to give me more coverage. My drysuit sees more action than the wetsuit though, and a single layer of Aquashell is not quite up to 3mm neoprene.

Let us all mourn the demise of Whetstone! They made great paddle jackets for the money.

Splash tops
Three tops come to mind from NRS (Northwest River Supply). The first two are “SPLASH” tops, which means that they are waterproof tops, which do not have latex gaskets at the neck and wrists (as “DRY” tops do), they simply have neoprene/Velcro closures at the neck and wrist. A Dry top will not allow water to enter at the neck and wrists as a Splash top will, but the latex gaskets are tight, and at times uncomfortable (and expensive). The first top the NRS Endurance Jacket $65.00

http://www.nrscatalog.com/product.asp?pfid=2571 uses their Wave Tex waterproof breathable membrane on the inside. The second, the NRS Rio Top http://www.nrscatalog.com/product.asp?pfid=2571 is simply poly-urethane coated and is not breathable

I would also look at the NRS Mystery Shirt that is not fully waterproof, but looks like it might be really close.


I own a Dry top from Kokatat and I also own the Payette splash top from NRS. The Payette uses the same Wave Tex as the Endurance Jacket, but is short-sleeve instead of long. The Wave-Tex is not as breathable as Gore-Tex, but it’s much less expensive, and very lightweight. I only use the dry top when the water and/or air temp require it, the Payette see much more use than the Dry top. Hope this helps,


P.S. As mentioned above, I would strongly recommend that you refrain from wearing cotton under one of these tops, look for something fully synthetic or made of wool. Even though tops may be “Breathable” you are still going to sweat like crazy. I sweat like a madman in the $370.00 Dry top. Cotton will not keep you warm when it’s drenched with your sweat, as a matter of fact it will rob your body of heat

Cotton Kills
It took this Florida Boy a few years in the Sierras to realy learn the lesson, but I am a believer now. Sorry, that includes blue jeans.

What I’m looking for…

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I have a pair of waterproof pants made by Red Ledge. They are made of TH4 Ripstop Nylon (teflon coated). They work very well. I would like to have a shirt of a similar material. I want it mainly for chilly summer mornings when I don't want to get wet from paddle drips or from fishing poles. I would think someone would make something like that, I just can't find them.

Golf Windbreaker Shirt Might work
Many golf companies make waterproof and breathable (or not, depending on your preference) long sleeve windbreaker shirts. These are basically styled like a sweatshirt or sweater, just made of a waterproof material.

Obviously, the wrists and necks are not waterproof or intended to be submerged. But, it sounds like one of these might work for what you want. Check out any discount golf equipment place.

gore windstopper
basically a goretex (ptfe) membrane that is not taped, sandwiched between two layers of polyester. very breathable and close enough to waterproof as long as you arent in the rough stuff or sideways rain. cabelas has some basic shirts for around $70, or you can go all the way up to a marmot softshell for $200+. Probly less breathable but more water resistant than the polartec stuff, which is treated fleece.

Golite hiking jacket
I use a Golite hiking jacket. Very light and very good waterproofing and breathes well. A little expensive, but I got a good deal on E-bay. Check out their web site, golite.com.

bicycle shops
have some very nice waterproof/windproof tops. also they are often bright and safe and easy to see.