waterproof socks

Would any one with experience wearing water socks please share your opinion about them?

I wear shrimper’s boots to protect my ankles and feet from coral and oyster shell cuts/abrasions. Occasionally, water seeps in over the tops of the boots. Wet socks and (soon, as summer fades away) cold feet are annoying.

These socks are advertised at very high prices ($85 dollars and up) for one pair.

Thank you for commenting.

Mark L.

Not a fan
Of waterproof socks. Feet got just as wet from sweat with them on. Tops stretched and lost seal against water entry. Wet and smelly next day on multi-day camping trips.

I found wool socks under diving booties very warm and comfortable. Neoprene high top boots from NRS are my favorite for cold water. They cinch at top and keep out most water if the top momentarily goes under water.


Never found they had a long life span
Waterproof socks can be a good idea for someone who is going to need them for a season, but in my experience that is all you will get out of them. It sounds like you would be putting them to year round hard us - in that case I would take a harder look at waterproof pants with goretex socks and a nice protective pair of boots.

Or maybe I misunderstand your use.

Like them

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I have a pair of the knee high mid weight Sealskinz socks and I like them for cold weather boating. I have worn them on late season whitewater rafting trips and spring paddling trips. They keep my feet toasty warm......except if you get water over the tops. Then they are no better than thick wool socks. If you are getting water over the tops of your boots, then the water blockers wouldn't be of much use. Mine are holding up well so far. ACK has them on sale right now for $46.

Hanz Submerge Socks
Similar to the SealSkinz but with an internal rubberized coating that lays next to skin allowing for a deal to skin. Breathable membrane, provided they’re not submerged, helps with moisture management and stretchy enough to wear some Merino ankle length sock liners underneath for added insulation. $45 at The River Connection as well as likely other places

See you on the water,


The Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY



Thank you
Very much appreciate the suggestions. I am tempted to try the GoreTex socks suggestion during the Winter. Truth is, as humid as Florida is, sweat and stink may too often prevail. Carrying extra socks in my dry bags and a way to clean/dry the inside of my Shrimper’s boots may be easier, efficient and more economical. I know paddling in boots sounds like a bad idea (recovery). But around here water is shallow. If and when there is a capsize, we just stand up.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

Mark L.

Neo booties

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With wool socks for Fla.

Goretex requires breathing room inside n out. Boot plus G sox gives neither

In a K dry suit, a larger size pumps more air thru fabric than a smaller size thus cooler.

Gore is seam sealed. Assume a more expensive sock has better seam sealing. Foot/ankle motion, walking vs not walking are directly related to seam durability.

G $ox from reputable MO companies are best choice.

A long long bootie top for boots ? Never seen that maybe you can sew it but poss needing a form like a mod shoe tree. The joint could be over lapped not serge but never seen that either

For Fla, booties n wool/HD polyester are always warm for me with sandals.