WaterProof Speakers for Canoe

My wife and I have a brand new Mad River canoe and we want to be able to put our ipod in the boat with maybe some small speakers to listen to some music while we’re paddling. Anyone have any suggestions for battery powered speakers, anything that could take an input from an ipod?

Headphones (NM)

Maybe things are different out
your way. In a lot of the areas I have been in radios and such are not allowed without headphones. I also can say that from my perspective the last thing I want to hear on a paddle is any kind of artificial or unnatural sound emenating from neighboring paddle craft. Maybe something like this is allowed in an area with a lot of powerboaters or such but I can’t imagine it going over very well in the more secluded spots on the water.

Just my opinion of course.


Imagine that every boat that you met on the Buffalo river, or any river you frequent, was outfitted with an IPOD and speakers, and they were all playing different music.

The headphones idea sounds good.


Your kidding, right?

Listen to the birds.

You will have every paddler in miles really mad at you if you do that.

Congrats on the new canoe!
The Ipod speakers idea sounds interesting. Sometimes I really miss having a little music out in the yak. Usually wind up singing to myself…it keeps the gators away too!

Anyway, Ipods aren’t cheap little white pieces of plastic. I’m not sure I’d be willing to put one in a paddled vessel. Be really careful you get one of those waterproof cases but the cord for headphones, speakers, what not will always be a weak point. I have a cheapie little fm/am radio that probably runs $5 at walmart I throw in if I need a little music. Mostly I like to listen to NPR and the traffic so I know which way to go home. If that goes down, who cares. Just be careful. Those suckers are not easy to replace.

Good luck with the new boat!


In Camp Use
They are not waterproof but these are the spaekers I take along on camping trips for sharing my music.

They will run for 6-8 hours on four AAA batteries.


The last thing I want to listen to is
’rap or other such crap while paddling. Please keep your music to yourself and use headphones.

I go hiking/camping/paddling so I can get away from assaults like this. Music I don’t want to hear assaulting my ears- especially bass thumping cars. Smog assaulting my lungs, societal apathy assaulting my sense of being…

What ever happened to leaving it all behind? Do you really think you’re that much more important than everyone who might trying to enjoy the area around you? Do us all a favor and keep it in the city.



Started to Respond…
…and then I remembered what my grandma used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut,” so I will. WW

I never allowed a radio…
on my powerboat much less in a kayak…

It’s called noise pollution
Any noise you make while on the water will be frowned on by other paddlers. It’s really no different than tossing emtpy beer cans on the river bank. There are already enough inconsiderate boaters on the water, don’t add to the problem.

when jammin in WW my music is crankin’
So far my speakers have been completely waterproof. But, one time I did get an ear infection so I think a little bit of water must gotten in. My speakers recovered though after about a week of antibiotics.

Headphones = win win
You win because the music will sound much better through headphones

We win because we might like to listen to the sounds of nature instead of your music, whatever that style that may be.

Can’t you just keep the music
in your head? My Head-Pod (as opposed to an I-Pod) holds far more music, costs nothing to operate, and automatically engages appropriate music depending on the situation. ANd I don’t bother other folks. Except when I sing.


what do you do
when you “H-pod” gets stuck, imagine 20 miles of Spice Girls.

Thinking Small
Why are you limiting your selves to two piddling speakers. You need “canoe-theatre”; I think that Bose may already be stocking it in their Canadian and Northern Minnesota outlets.

The system is quite simple. You have speakers located at the front and back of each outrigger A center speaker, integrated with a high def screen is mounted directly to the front deck. A sub-woofer is mounted underneath the canoe attached to the keel. A nice feature of the system is that all the wiring is hidden within your sponsons.

The system is powered by a two-cycle echo engine with under water exhaust. The engine fits conveniently into the canoe’s built-in cooler. The canoe’s cup holders are very convenient for storing the system’s three remote controls.

Purchasers may also be able to get a 3 month free subscription to “On-Starr Canoe”. If you get locked out of your canoe or if you find yourself unable to locate a convenient waterside Starbucks, they will send immediate assistance.

Canoe Entertainment Systems … long overdue … I like this idea! But, it’s going to take my Canoe Climate Control System - with self controlled bow (canoe front) and stern (canoe rear) climate zones - for this to really take off in America.

Simple reset
Similar to bicycling.

  1. Paddle close to a friend
  2. Start humming or singing the obnoxious tune.
  3. Paddle away quickly, leaving the tune with your former friend.
  4. Cue up another, more acceptable song.


waterproof speakers
Check Sharper Image or somewhere like that. If you’ve gotta have music, bring music. You don’t have to crank it up to 11 to enjoy. A little quite music never bothered anyone, and if you turn it down when you pass other paddlers, no one should have a problem. Leave it all behind? What about the “holier-than-thou” attitude. Music is the fuel that drives many people. And if someone gives you grief, pull their drian plug.

Better still
could the speaker drivers be bolted to the hull? Like the drivers that mount directly to a wall in a house? That way the whole lake could share in the music.


being snarky again