waterproof video camera comparison

I ran across this comparison of waterproof video cameras (gopro and some others) in this month’s Car and Driver. I understand they’re testing for a different use but it’s a good yardstick regardless:


Editing - Needs a bit of Attention

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Shooting video is relatively easy.
Just keep popping in memory cards and batteries.

Image stabilization features are awesome for
capturing real adventure paddling footage.

Water on the lenses "can" cause hazy video.
Remember to wipe down lens between shots.

Editing it down - to something reasonable -
which people may watch - is the toughest part.
Think how patient you are, when you watch
other peoples stuff, on Youtube/Vimeo !

Adding music or commentary for a documentary
- becomes a bit of a tedious chore.

Taking notes - while filming/paddling - to use as
memory aid when you edit a few days later, needs
dry paper and pens or waterproof utensils.

File Size - high definition means big files very quick

I'll keep using my ol' Pentax Optio Wpi and
a StickyPod until the camera stops functioning.



thanks willi
From what I hear the editing is where the real work takes place.

Memory Speed
Sometimes using “Burst Mode” for getting a dozen

quickie shots of a passing paddler works well too

Even in digital world there are limits to how fast

a camera can read/write all that data.

HD Video will also put demands on memory speeds

few think about before buying a waterproof camera.