Waterproof voice recorders

Has anyone heard of or used a water resistant or waterproof voice recorder?

I’m a paddler and writer working the Keys. Between marking points on the GPS and paddling, I don’t have a lot of time to scribble notes.

Barring a waterproof recorder, I’d be open to suggestions on ways to rig a system, perhaps with a dry bag and a voice-activated microphone. I’d need a dry bag with a plug-in – don’t know if that exists.

Yeah…I’d kill for a waterproof digital voice recorder. I currently use just a normal Olympus digital voice recorder, but it is a hassle to take it out of and return it to the Ziploc bag everytime I want to use it. I like recording things like lat/longs for camp sites, elapsed times and every once in awhile I get a good idea for something unrelated to kayaking or the trip that I want to write down…hehe…



Go to the aquapac link below.
They make waterproof flexible plastic cases for electronics, so you can work the controls on a sturdy standard recorder through the case.


It would be interesting to know…
I keep my GPS in a clear flexible small water proof pouch made by ewa-marine.

It is so flexible that you can operate all the buttons right through it.

I have a tiny recorder that I used on job sites, and later on today I’ll dig it out and see if it works through the bag.

I’ll get back to you and let you know.



First thing…
that comes to mind is the waterproof covers they make for cell phones. Just a thought…

Ok I just finished checking…
…and it works pretty good.

You can talk and then listen, plus operate all the buttons.

When my wife asked what I was doing she said her cell phone works perfect through her pouch also.

You can get them at Boaters World in several sizes.

BeachAv8r. there is one oe near Carolina Place Mall.

My wife also said she saw another brand of pouch called Voyageur at Diamond Mtn sports in Ashville.

I have a pretty neat set-up that I made to mount mine on the front deck if you want to see any pictures. That we you don’t even have to hold it.