Waterproof Wallet?

Ok, I finally developed a routine to keep my wallet dry on the river, but then on the return end of a trip I put it in my pocket because often we stop for food, and then I get home and throw it in the washing machine anyway. I’m giving up. What is the best choice for a wallet?


Having sacrificed several
to the river gods, I decided long ago to only take my drivers license, ATM card, and a $20 with me on the water. All my paddling pants have a zippered pocket in which I keep them. If I get wet, who cares, the plastic still works and the cash is still legal tender even when wet. If I ever want the other stuff or cell phone, it’s all tucked nicely in a small dry bag in the hatch or snapped to a thwart.

My wallet is in the dry bag with the
other stuff.

Don’t put it in your pants pocket

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If the river paddling isn't the problem, then change your habits: don't put the wallet in your pants pocket. Instead, AFTER PADDLING, move it from your dry bag to a small fanny pack or use a neck cord with the wallet. And make sure you don't throw THOSE in the washing machine!

Pouch around neck
I have various pouches, mostly smaller, like this: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/,65545_Pacific-Outdoor-Document-Pouch-WX-Tex-Waterproof-.html

In this I have drivers license, debit and/or credit card, health insurance card, car key, and some cash. Worn around my neck usually under my pfd.

I usually have my cell phone in an otter box and when at sea a vhf clipped to my pfd.

Not my neck
I won’t wear anything around my neck during active endeavors that could wind up being a noose. I carry my wallet, keys with electronic chip, and cell phone in a small dry bag/waist pack. This is an arrangement that will work under a dry suit so it won’t snag on anything if you should exit your craft suddenly.

I’ve rolled and wet exited…
The pfd holds the pouch in place. I’ve rolled and even wet exited in ww and the pouch is not displaced.

However, if I’m wearing a dry or semidry top with a zippered pocket the pouch often goes in that pocket.

My best dry suit has a sleeve pocket in which I’ve stowed essentials.

OMNISEAL really work

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I use OMNISEAL for my wallet, my electronic car key, and cell phone. It keeps everything dry (are rated for immersion) when I keep it in my cargo pockets where it is handy. The ALOKSac did not work for me because the seal opens too easily.


Dry Bag
I keep mine in a dry bag. Just remember to seal the bag. You could try one of these.


I use a ziploc bag
I place my wallet in a ziploc bag and put it in a zippered pocket - has never failed me and is cheap.

Mostly, wallet and keys
I don’t need when paddling, so I leave them hidden in the locked car (keypad entry). If I’m worried about security of put-in site, I just double-bag in NEW ziploc freezer bags and toss in a daypack with water bottle, binos, etc. and clip to thwart.

H2O walley prooff(gone)
i leave mine home,no worry dude,come on now how can guy be such a DUD!!!

A Duke’s mayo Jar! VF

Two words
Otter box - expensive, but worth it.

sooooo many options
man we live in the golden age of dryboxes, drybags, sacks, satchels, sporrans, you name it.

you can spend a lot, or not as much, either way, for under 30 bucks, you can get a fully submersibly waterproof something or other. i prefer a small lexan box like a cheaper pelican box. for river paddling, keys, wallet and some basic first aid stuff goes in, it has bars molded into it so a webbing strap goes through and that get’s clipped into the seat band on the river kayak. small light, trust worthy waterproof and there when i need it. for sea kayaking, i usually take a bigger dry bag with other essentials for that environment. the way i see it you can always take something small (box, bag) that should have some first aid bits in there with your keys and wallet. paddle on eh.