Waterproof watch

Save your money & paddle with a friend
who wears a watch and you’ll never ruin another watch

I’ve got an LL Bean
field watch that is so old I don’t remember when I bought it. Been through a ton of batteries and still works fine…paddlin/showerin/etc. Don’t think they are $50 anymore, but I’ll buy another when the time comes.

My first Ironman lasted10 years.
My second Ironman is still going even though the band fell apart.My 3rd lasted a month and the stem fell out on a paddling trip ;it died. Timex replaced it. The replacement lasted 6 months and will not keep time at all.

I’m trying the $16 Casio.

I seem to destroy or lose watches frequently. The waterproof ones end up getting water in them eventually anyway.

My limit is $50 for a waterproof watch. That gives me more models to choose from–small waterproof ones for small wrists are not as common as the bulky guys’ models.

Years ago when i worked in a store
selling watches - none were called “waterproof” just water resistant to so many feet. If a watch has a battery changed - this can default the watertightness and seals can deteriorate also.

Plastic cases
My wife and I had, between us, four Casio ‘water resistant’ watches with plastic cases break (literally). In each watch, one of the four parts that project out from the case to hold the pins that support the watch bands broke and then there was no way to attach the watch band. In a couple of incidents, we lost the watch - it just disappeared. I’ll never again buy a watch with a plastic case. Now I use a water resistant Timex with a metal case, and I’ve had no more difficulties.

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Seiko Divers watch

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I wore one everyday for 20 years, never missed a beat. Even down to 180'. Sold it on Ebay for more than I paid for it.

Now wear a titanium Wenger Swiss Military, much lighter for paddling.

Waterproof Watch
How about a sundial or you could just guessimate by the Sun’s position in the sky.

Or the stars if
the sky is clear. When I water the dogs before bed Ursa Major is East of Polaris. By the time I take them out in the morning the Big Dipper is a bit past South. Dividing that path into proper segments would give you a rough idea of time of night.

Waterproof watch
I have had a walmart cheapo on my pfd for a couple of years.

Freestyle (shark) watches are also warrantied for life.

check the diving shop
Not sure if you’re going to find anything for $50, but for a $100, you get a watch that’s guaranteed waterproof.

Tons of Wenger on Ebay…
This is where I got mine a few years ago…no complaints.


Sundial-- just strap it on .

Rip Curl
I’ve had a Rip Curl surf watch for 10 years that’s waterproof to 200 meters. Great watch and has tide dial; always been dependable.

I just got a Croton for $100 its
water proof to 1,000 feet 30 atm. Has a huge face and a color coded rotating betzle. I can set my start time and actually see the face without my glasses.