Waterproof watch

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I have had 3 Timex 'waterproof' watches croak on me, one for a band,2 quit.Time for a brand change.
Got a recommendation for about a $50 watch that will last?

keep it cheap and carry a spare
I figure any watch is just a hard knock away from letting in water so I keep to the under $20 models and keep a spare along with my first aid, etc… I do the same with glasses cheap and keep a spare.


No kidding - Coleman NightSight - about $30 at Walmart (boo), velcro strap - works just fine - several years and counting…

Here ya go, Strang.

I’m on my third one in twenty years and wear it every day, salt or fresh. Not a diving watch, but I’ve had 'em down 6 or 7 feet without a leak. They last about 3 battery changes and batteries last about 2 1/2 years. The straps break at about 5 years for me, but you can get new ones, if desired.

Naw Man
My Timex Expedition has been tickin’ for years. That’s not the model you keep ruining, is it?

I have say Swatch also, I have one that’s 20yo and still works. Plus it’s been though hell and high water.

I had a $20 Casio last 20 years, although I had to replace the band and battery every few years. It finally died and I replaced it with another Casio from Walmart for under $20.

Yes Kudzu! 3 of them.
Just ordered a $16 Casio. Amazon has them on sale.

Dakota clip-on watch
I leave this Dakota carabiner-style watch clipped to my pfd all the time:


It lasted all last season without a problem. Not sure why they call it a woman’s watch, but it’s attached to my MsFit pfd, so I guess it’s OK. I like it better than a wrist watch, as I now wear neoprene gloves 95% of the time on the water. There’s a ton of different types - I chose this one for the orange case and white face.

Wore’em for years, usually last 2-3 years, good to 25’, multifunction capabilities, nite lite, too. Nothing fancy, nothing slek, nothing stylish, but practical & handy.

I wanted a better-looking watch for work (back when I worked, that is) so I got a Freestyle Hammerhead in stainless with a black face, looks good, good for fairly heavy water use, cost me $65 a few years back, Divers Direct carries them, has 3-4 specials/year where their usual $100 price is cut to a more reasonable cost between $50 & $65.

It’s been a good watch for me, and plenty good for me to use when I shower, swim, dive, or just


-Frank in Miami

Timex . . .
. . . makes a digital (Ironman) that is waterproof to 200m. They run about $40. I have had half a dozen of 'em over the years. Battery life is long, around 5 years. I have never had one fail. I keep two, one in a jar of water that is being washed, and the other on my wrist.

I found a lumi nox watch at a river access, I would never have spent that kind of money on a watch but now that I have it I love it. Plus I feel like a big shot when someone asks the time and I get to wave it around ( just kidding)! You can get one reasonable on ebay ( 100 dollars used) And it will last forever, you can beat the livin crap out of it and it is REALLY waterproof. Bottom line i guess is that I never have to buy another time piece again and I can trust it.

Look at this site

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then go to Sportsman's Warehouse (if you have one in your part of the country) and see what is on sale. I found mine at 1/2 price (about $55) and expect it to last a long time. Titanium case, screw down crown, electroluminescent face, date. The crystal is recessed so it is not so prone to scratches. The whole watch is really tough. I've knocked mine around quite a bit and it still looks great. Typical quartz accuracy in a Japanese movement, 2 seconds/week fast. I don't care if its Swiss or Japanese the oscillations in quartz will run about 2 seconds/week fast unless you spend big bucks for a certified chronometer, Rolex included.

Oops, where's the link?

Second the Timex Ironman
Never a a problem with mine other than a broken wrist band after several years of use. Don’t know if the band can be replaced - I just bought a new one.

Casio G Shock
A little more than $50, but not much. Something on the lower end of the Casio G-Shock line. Those things are bulletproof. Mine is 9 years old, been to Africa, Belize, the Caribbean, field work, on me while I have run numerous 10Ks, paddling, and scuba diving. I have had no problems with it whatsover, the only maintenance I have had on it was to change the battery once in all that time.

Second the Casio G-Shock (nm)

second the cheap Casio
glad I got the $16 one… had it attached to my PDF and the surf tore it off within two weeks…

Wave Ceptor Updates via atomic clock in Colorado every day, so I never have to adjust it.

Has solar panel on it so I never have to replace batteries.

Darn near idiot proof, which seems to be what I need.

waterproof watches
I had my waterproof watch in for some repairs last year and the technician told me that I should really bring it in every two or three years to have the O-rings replaced. Even watches like Rolex need to have the rings replaced to maintain effectiveness, since the rubber dries out over time and develops cracks that can allow water in. And it doesn’t take much to have rust start.

So I’d vote for the inexpensive watch that you just replace as needed. Although I’ve had a hard time finding a watch with a dial my old eyes can read without glasses on, analogue display, and velcro band (so I can wear it on a bare wrist or over a drysuit cuff.)