Anyone use waterproof boxes for cameras, if so which ones?

Pelican 1200

Regardless which box you use make sure you keep the box out of direct sun light. Moisture or humidity in the box steamed my digital camera and that lesson cost $250 + freight one way and 3 weeks at Nikon (ouch).


I always throw 1-2 desiccant packets
into my waterproof boxes. Not had trouble with the larger pelicans, but the small one I use for the GPS is prone to humidity. If running a lot of rapids, or moisture in the air, the packets will become saturated and lose their effectness. But they help out. Throwing them in the oven at low heat restores their ability to wick moisture.

Thanks, I get some!

If possible get white or yellow
rather than the black or grey if they are to be exposed to direct sunlight. That seems to cut down on the condensation inside the box.

Ah’s carry all me camera equipment in Pelicans. Jus’ test dem out first by submerging in water fer a bit (wit nuttin’ in it, of course) ta make absolutely sure thaar be no leaks. Regular inspection o’ de gasket is recommended too.


I use an Otterbox, 8000 I think, to carry my camera. I chose that over a Pelican because it fits my camera better. Camera is a Canon A75. Four spare AA batteries and the camera fit nicely.

After about 5 years of bouncing around in my canoes and on top of my C1’s I picked it up one day and the hinge just fell apart.

Well Pelican still doesn’t make one sized well for my camera so I bought the same Otterbox. Hey It stood up to five years of abuse before giving up. I doubt the camera will out last the new box.

Lifetime guarantee…Otter Box.

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Otterboxes come with a lifetime guarantee. I have trusted mine for years in whitewater. I have gone swimming with it a number of times and the camera stays dry. I once got my boat pinned on a rock with water rushing into the boat, the otterbox with my camera in it was the ONLY thing that didn't take on water. A couple of years later, one of the latches broke. I just happened to mention that during a conversation with my local dealer who told me about the warranty. The company that manufacturest them not only replaced my box, but sent me a second box of a different size to go with it. I have had the same good luck with the replacements. I highly recommend them. You will need to be sure to keep the box clean around the closure. My only difficulty with the otter box is that the latches get harder to open.

You didn’t say what sort of camera(s)
you plan to carry. For some digital cameras, you can buy a waterproof case through which you can operate all the camera controls. I have one for my Canon ELPH SD800 IS. It does not slip under your PFD like the waterproof Olympus and Pentax cameras, but the ELPH is a better camera.

You can also dry dessicant in the micro-
wave. I put my in for about 1 min.

Thanks to all. What major retailers carry otterboxes?

has all kinds of sizes.


where do you get them?
is there a source?


Throw Away Camera
I know this doesn’t answer your question, but when I’ve gone to the Caribbean or Hawaii and snorkel, I use an underwater disposable camera.


Dive shops

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usually have a big selection of Pelican boxes. The local dive shop here has some private label ones which are cheaper and appear to be equal quality. I've used them for years without a problem.

I use a black camera box because it was readily available but it I was ordering one I would have ordered the yellow.

I put my digital slr in a waterproof bag from sealskin. I pack it with my sleeping bag inside the plastic lined granite pack. On portages I take the disposable camera with me. Both cameras take great shots. I have never dumped the granite gear bag in the water so I dont know if its waterproof but the sealskin bag is. I have dropped the disposable camera in the water, dried it out and it still worked. The photos still came out.

I got my last one direct from Otterbox’s website.


waterproof case for cannon
I got the A560 for Christmas. Was wondering how cannons waterproof camera cases held up. I’d like one I don’t have to remove the camera from before shooting. For years I simply threw a throwaway waterproof 35mm in the pocket of the pfd.