Waterproofing a camcorder

I have a nice Sony digital camcorder sitting in a drawer at home.

I has been just used for a couple of birthdays and my latest vacation. About 45 mins total.

I’m not a big fun of videos, I still prefer photos but it was a x-mas gift and I can’t really get rid of it, I think the camcorder could have much more use if I could carry it while kayaking.

I found this hi-tech case but it’s $200, any other idea?


Aquapac at NRS
One of these perhaps?


I had always thought these to be just a beefy ziplock bag, but after seeing that Navy seals use them for sensitive electronics, I tried them out. I’ve used and abused them all season and have yet to have one get a hole or spring a leak.

I refuse to use anything else at this point.


thanks I’ve been loooking
for an alternative to overpriced underperforming products from some other manufacturers.