waterproofing Garmin ForeTrex

I have a Garmin Foretrex 101. I have heard people here comment about how even though Garmmin claims in its marketing to be waterproof, it really isn’t. I just got a new one under warranty due to water intrusion in the old one, so the word on the street seems to be true. The guy on the phone I talked with explained about how it is really IPX7 (dust-tight), not waterproof.

The unit has the basic feature I want, and the strap makes it easy to attach to the bungee cords on the front deck of my kayak, so I want to keep using it.

Anyone figure a way to increase the waterproof-ness of the unit? They guy I talked to at Garmin said that plastic won’t affect the signal, so I was thinking of finding some way to cover it in plastic. The thought being that perhaps waves or other waters coming with a force may be what got past the seals - and some plastic covering should be able to protect against those.

Anyone find a way to improve the waterproofness, yet still be able to use the straps?

What about something like this


Silicone caulk

I wonder, and I have never tried this, if silicone bath caulk, which is clear color and rubbery when it dries, could be wiped around the edge with a finger… I think the ingress of water is at the seal, not over the lens, is that right? If so, could you put a think strip of this all the way around the seam, and wheneever you wanted to change the battery, it pulls up easily (you just oull it and roll it off), and then put anoother bead on there. Just a thought. Or as many annoyingly write every time they post on Pnet, “just my 0.02 cents”.


pick a size chart…I use one for my VHF for the same reasons…

those should work, but…
I suspect it is the seal where the batteries are put in that leaks, but don’t know for sure. The buttons look sealed, as does the screen.

All the options listed should work, but the downside is they would make the strap worthless (and perhaps would be best if the strap is removed). I was hoping to find some way to keep using the strap.

I’ve noticed some moisture
I’ve noticed a trace of moisture in my cheap yellow Etrex but have not opened it yet – I don’t see any obvious way to open it – but it has a weep hole on the back.

About small dry bags.
I have a Magellan. Use small a floating waterpoof type drybag.

All it takes is a small amount of moisture to work its way into the bag, and in the sunlight, the bag will fog, making it very difficult to see the GPS screen.

Take off the strap and slip it inside an Aquapac Micro Phone Case or Pager Case. Viewable, waterproof, floats (not a bad thing) and you can still manipulate the controls (a little tricky though). Cost = $25

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AquaPac with it’s own strap
and it’s not the only one they carry that has a strap…


Which one fits
Is that the Pro Sports Mini?

go to Aquapac
click on the bar at sizes, the work through each type till you find the brand name and model number of the electronic device you need one for…