Waterproofing iPhone 6

My iPhone case is breaking apart. That, plus the recent thread on using the iPhone in place of GPS units, has me shopping for a new case.

I see waterproof cases are available, but can’t help wonder “how waterproof.” Do they mean the phone will survive a drop in the sink, or all day on the deck of a kayak? And how big is the case? Ideally, I’d still like to fit the phone in my pocket.

If you are using your iPhone while you are paddling, what are you using to prevent water damage?


Different phone but…

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The Life Proof case on my Samsung has spent a bit of time in the sink, in water between a couple of dishes. Can't say for sure how long, but at least long enough for me to wander around the house looking for it before deciding to dial the number (on the land line). The sink rang just fine when I did that.

They can be a total pain in the arse to register to get the waterproof guarantee, but maybe it was bad timing on my part. I got the phone the same week they were launching the new IPhone.

It will not float though - depending on our use, wull still need a case that will do that.

I first read about the DryCase on the WaterTribe forum.


Purchased one to use with my iPod Touch as I like to listen to music when I’m putting on training miles at home. This is its second season; keeps my iPod dry and the earbud jack still works perfectly, even though it’s been exposed to plenty of water.

I also carry a somewhat smartphone, but use an AquaPac for that.

I’m using a
waterproof garmin GPS and a waterproof Icom VHF.

Lifeproof case
I’ve wet exited with it my shirt pocket and done a T rescue before I remembered it. Had it in a pocket and been drenched in the rain for hours. Never leaked.

If you want it to float you can get a lifeproof pfd ring to go around it that’s about the size of the old Readers Digest hardbacks with 4 novels in them.

There are knockoff cases on Amazon for $7, no guarantee. Not even a promise.

low tech
small ziplock baggie over the “waterproof” case that failed, and that goes in a small dry bag.

Every once in a great while I get an odd look about the plastic wrap over the phone, but I wear a lot of sunblock on my face when outdoors, and this also saves the screen from getting a giant smear of sticky goo on it when I hold the phone up to my cheek. I am also gifted in ways to expose the phone to other things, for instance, I can open the car door in the rain, and have a stream of water shoot off the windshield gutter “just so” just as I am stepping up off the foot step rails and have one hand on the handle- and the phone in the other.

Then there is spilt coffee. Sticky. Fruit. Sticky sticky. Chocolate… what IS this residue on the steering wheel, and no, I didn’t do it.

Waterbottle flip sip in back sling not quite secured during trail course… the noble, homely Plastic Bag to the rescue.

I am trying to keep the phone from tasting edible to a pet or wildlife, too. That way if I drop it or something knocks it off the table, it has a chance. This is not a chew toy. It just has a $$$ plastic case that leaks and smells interesting. Come here. Sit. Give.

The clean plastic bag to protect the plastic case that collects detritus is also good if you want to put the phone in a cooler to preserve battery on a day over 100ºF, and not have to worry about dragging in all the chemical residues you may have come in contact with already, next to your edibles. Sun block, insect repellant, bike grease, rubber tire smear from the kayak cart (yuck), mud, dust from an unpaved access road, etc…

I see sometimes people have these clean-looking phones. I don’t get it.

Lifeproof Fre
is what I use on my IPhone 6. Claimed to be waterproof, shockproof, drop ruggidized. I haven’t had a chance to use any of these qualities yet, so hopeful it will perform when needed. I’m pleased at this point.

Part of the setup is to test the case submerged for 30 minutes, before you place the phone in it. That gives you some reassurance.

They make a version with that has a power pack built into the case to extend your battery life. Most likely a little larger than the non-power version. I have the no power pack version so can’t comment on this version.

Another option
I have a Kyocera Android phone (Hydro Air) from Walmart for $49.95. These phones are supposed to be waterproof to 3 feet. I haven’t tested it, nor do I plan to.

I’ve had the phone long enough and used it to take pictures, videos and all the rest. It is a great phone–especially when you consider the investment. By the way, the pictures and videos are superb. Everything else the phone does–which is everything any tablet does–is also great.

The phone goes with me on the water and I don’t worry about getting it wet.

Belt & Suspenders
Lifeproof case (or equivalent) + Aquapac Medium Electronics Case

I like my Lifeproof case but with time I just don’t have complete faith in the charge port door being absolute and I like my phone hence the backup plan.

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Just ordered similar
Using similar reasoning, I ordered the Lifeproof case and similar pouch. I will be curious to see how well the touch screen responds through several layers of bag/case. But I didn’t see an attachment point on the Lifeproof for a lanyard, and you have to figure the iPhone floats like a rock, so the bag seems like a critical piece of gear if you intend to use your iphone on the water. The bag has a lanyard, and I am hoping enough extra space for some floatation.

It’s funny that the Aquapac site features a picture with the pouch protecting the allegedly waterproof Garmin CSX76. I say “allegedly” because mine is not waterproof.


Lifeproof Fre
My wife and I use nothing but the Lifeproof Fre cases on our iPhones and love them. My wife actually takes hers swimming with her and takes pictures of the kids. Mine gets wet all the time while in my kayak or while in my pocket while on a fire call and I’ve never had a problem with the phone.