Waterproofing regular printer paper

I post this tip maybe once a year (or so). Just put it under another post about maps and thought for those that may not read that post, this may be good intel.

I have printed probably 100 11X17 topos on regular printer paper. Then at Lowe’s buy the Thompsons Waterproofing in a SPRAY can. Spray each side once, ensuring thorough but not dripping coverage. After hanging to dry (laundry pins a line work great) ready to do. Foldable over and over again, you can still write on the paper for notes, and between the paper and spray can the maps cost maybe $0.50/sheet.


Yep. Works.


I’ve made cheap signs like that

They’ve been out in the weather for months with no runs.

Rite in the Rain
I have used Rite in the Rain paper for years. Available at many (university) bookstores with 200 8.5 X 11 sheets for about $25. It is very weather resistant, fine to write on, and is tougher than regular paper. If you use a lot of paper outdoors it is worth the look.


But I still like Natl Geographic paper
for printing maps.

And I found a close-out in Gander Mountain for something like $4.95/box last fall. I think I have about 10 boxes left. Some ink will wash off the surface, but it still works great. And one doesn’t have to huff the Thompson’s fumes either.