Waterproofing seal in Pungo bulkhead

We have a Pungo 120, generally very happy with this kayak. This model has only a rear bulkhead, which is supposed to be dry but frankly, isn’t very.

Although there is some kind of factory sealant around the bulkhead seam, any moderate amount of water that gets into the cockpit (say, from splashing waves) it dribbles through into the “dry” hatch.

Being new to this whole hobby, my understanding is that you can somehow re-seal or enhance the seal, but where do I begin? What sort of product do you use? Must you remove the factory seal and re-seal the entire bulkhead, or just add some kind of marine caulk over the factory seal?

Appreciate any advice on keeping the dry hatch actually dry…


your local kayak shop
Your local kayak dealer can order a tube of special epoxy sealant that you can use to refill the perimeter of the bulkhead. Sorry the name escapes me, but it comes in a large white and black tube and runs around $8 or $10. You need to order it from a kayaking outfitter (not a general sporting goods store).

Get a tube of Lexel at West Marine.

Same Problem
My wife has a Pungo 140, and it was leaking significantly where the bulkhead meets the keel. I cut out the loose sealant and resealed it with Lexel I purchased at my local hardware store.

Thanks! It looks like Lexel is available in a few local stores, so I will give that a try.


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is also available at hobby/craft stores and works great. You'll want to reapply maybe once a year to maintain a good seal. make sure the boat & bulkhead are completely dry so you don't trap some residual water under there (it'll eventually bubble out and breach the seal again)

just like with caulking, peel the old stuff off if it's getting ratty, then clean the surfaces with alcohol before applying a new bead. but sometimes it just needs a glob or two reapplied to patch a problem spot. let it cure for a couple days before using or moving the kayak.

(edit) you might wanna wear nitrile gloves when working with Lexel, it's pretty sticky.

The first time I sealed the bulkhead, water pushed out because it wasn’t dry.

The stuff is tacky. I used it barehanded and used Goof Off to clean up. Nothing quite like using carcinogens to clean your skin.