Watershed Aleutian bag opinions?

Wondering if anyone has used one? How is it to open while its mounted pulling it from top to bottom.


I’ve used Watershed bags for a few years now. They just keep things nice and dry during immersions. They open ok, easily enough to suit me, if kept treated with T-303.

What I realized about the Aleutian, after using it, is that I much prefer clear decks. And it wasn’t likely to remain dry inside if opened while attached to my deck. So I stow it in a hatched compartment (in my sea kayak) or behind a seat (in a rec kayak) or anywhere convenient in a canoe. I removed the doodad designed to hold a hand pump or coffee thermos (just too much stuff there).

Hopefully, expedition paddlers will reply to your question. Because their needs are different and the Aleutian (or any other deck style bag) may suit their needs. I’m just a day paddler.

Watershed duffels are my favorite. The Chatooga seems to be a good fit for any of my boats. I especially like the wide opening. I can see everything in it and seal it up leaving plenty of air inside or compress the air out when storing it in cramped spaces.

Things I have wished for after using any Watershed bags - the optional inflation tube. It isn’t retrofit able.

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I have this bag. Got it for my camera that was splash proof, but not waterproof. Works well, easy to open, easy to close, Kept things as dry as my hands reaching in and out were, smile. I kept a large microfiber cloth inside for wiping things dry.

But, after using it for a while, I found I didn’t like having something on my deck, and I was not using that camera often enough to feel that was a good trade off. So now I keep that camera in my day hatch, and the Aleutian sits at home…

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