watershed duffels

Okay, for years I’ve coveted a waterproof easy access duffel style dry bag. Now I see “Watershed Duffels” purports to have such an animal. The only thing that keeps me from ordering several is a very “proud” price and lack of experience with these bags. Are they truly easy access or do they roll then zipper? How well do they hold up in the long haul? Someone please tell me that these bags are worth that high cost (or not). Thanks


I bought a deck bag and love it. No rolling is required with the Watershed bags as they use a heavy duty ziplock type closure.

They are bomber
Supposedly the high cost is the material they use; very high quality, and therefore very expensive. The made in the USA ones are used by the military for hauling around whatever it is the military needs to haul around and keep dry.

I’ve had one and used it as a lap bag for touring for 2.5 years of hard use, from Baja to Alaska on month long expeditions, and its held up fine. Keep the rubber maid zipper\closure thing lubed up, and the rest of the bag is maintenance free and very well built. When I’m working, I’m in and out of the bag over a dozen times a day, dragging it around and dropping it everywhere, and the bag looks a little worn, but is still dry and works great. Worth the money imo, very durable…

Don’t have one, but some buddies do.
They’re great. I shredded the New River Gorge and Lower Gauley with a guy that has one. Easy open, easy close, dry as a bag of flour.

I’m still kicking myself too, because at Gauley Fest, they had a tent with boxes full of each size of blems for much cheaper, maybe about 40-60% off retail. I passed, but should have picked one or two up. I didn’t realize how deeply discounted they were at the time because I hadn’t priced them before.


great stuff
years of hard use and they still work great…oh and what they said!


I’m going to load some stuff in my
larger Watershed bags, and then deliberately land on them to see if I can blow the seals open. Fun for the feebleminded.

Are you all…
employed by Watershed Duffels? These are some mighty good endorsements. No downsides? Anyone? Looks as though I may need to invest in a couple of these! Thanks