Watershed Westwater Backpack


What do folks think? Looks good.

Is it worth the price of two seal-line boundry packs or NRS Bill’s Bags?

I like that it is not PVC therefore is more environmentally responsible. Also, likely lighter and more durable.

I’ve never seen one in the real world, though, so if someone could comment on build quality and design, I would appreciate it.

I like it. If one’s gear were damp,
it would make sense to leave the ZipDry seal open in dry weather and in predictable conditions.

I have three Watershed products: a kayak storage flotation bag with inflation tube; a gear bag with the older zipdry seal design; and a small (about 8" x 10") that has the newest seal design. All have rather heavy fabric unlikely to be punctured in routine use. The seals, unlike rolled seals, are absolutely watertight. The older seals can be popped open by landing with one’s whole weight on the bag, but the new seal is so tight that it actually requires a special and somewhat annoying procedure to loosen. I don’t think opening would be as hard on those large backpack models as it can be on my little handpack when I am trying to get to the cellphone.

I would favor the Watershed bags, with their higher cost and higher weight, for trips where a long dousing would be more likely, and where doused supplies and gear would be more of a problem. Usually I put my most vital gear in my Watersheds, and put the rest in my various roll-top bags, with interior plastic liners where appropriate.