Watertight Bulkheads, How.....

Do I go about making the stern watertight?

Firstly this is my first post on this site. I bought an Islander American Angler, 3 weeks ago. I’m new to kayaks & wanted to fish using a kayak.

There are big vertical foam blocks inside the front & back of the Islander AA. I am guessing, since I don’t really know the “lingo” about the front & back of a kayak, that the back is the stern???

The Islander AA has a storage hatch on the back (stern), but the back area inside the kayak is open, w/ only the foam block in back. The inside front is also open w/ only the foam block inside. There’s not front hatch, so I am not concerned about making the front watertight.

Okay, I think I got my point across. How do I go about making the rear part watertight? I guess it’s called a watertight bulkhead???

Will any of these foam blocks; can I form it on the inside rear of my kayak to make it watertight? If so which one of these would work best?



And what type of glue do I need to use to glue the foam to the inside of the kayak?

Any help or links you guys can direct me will be greatly appreciated.

I really like kayaking & since this is my first kayak, I don’t know if it’s any better or worse than any other fishing kayaks. For now it works great for me.


minicell foam
Also what thickness of foam to use???

I think 1 or 2 inch foam is used. Lexel is the standard sealant(ACE Hardware).