Wat's dat "Gray Thing" in me red Pamlico 140?

Good ol’ days on P-Net…

Poke it and see if it moves…

One of the great threads… Someone has the arkive…

Could be a baby-boomer paddler who’s forgotten which boat is his.

Hopefully not last night’s supper

Here it is, https://forums.paddling.com/discussion/438612/x

De “Gray Thing” on de road…

@Andy_Szymczak said:
Here it is, https://forums.paddling.com/discussion/438612/x

Oh, my goodness. I’ve seen references to it but never found the thread. Now I know why it’s still talked about. Thanks, Andy. Wild, crazy, and funny guys. Did the OP ever return?

Ah’ recollects dat thread went way over 100…

That’s my recollection too. Like the photo FE, Brent, Brian the grey thing and me.

In the photo, it’s a good thing it was strapped and sealed in plastic. Like “The Blob,” lord only knows what would’ve happened if the Gray Thing got loose again. (I shudder to think about the possibility of a thread headed near a 1000! :o .)

What’s dat “Gray Thing” in my red Pamlco,
One-Forty sleek sporty derived from Eskimo?
It resides 'neath my bow where I wiggle ten toe,
a monolith hydroglyph space oddity I must know!

And thus Pammie’s fame would quickly abound,
and gray foam would soon roam cross many a town.
And gray matter would chatter as threads sewed great expound,
till its peal rang up a hill of so many tossed coffee ground.

Where are the Coffees of yesteryear?

Once Pammy picked our brains, he became an expert… http://pamlico140.proboards.com/thread/130/good-kayak-first-timer

That’s funny…
Wanda? Wasn’t there some pics of a Wanda on P.net a while back?

I’m Casimir!

P-140 had his’ems own messooge board? Shazaam… an’ ah’ missed it.

Rookie, yes P140 is still with us . He is quite an adventurer but he has aged rapidly.

Pammy VS Nigel


And the Oscar goes to: Medawgone!!! Ta da!

Oooohahahahah! Now dat wuz a’mighty good, Medawgone. Jus’ about wizzed me britches! Great movin’ pictoor.

Not my picture. Just knew where, to dig it up. It is an old PNET throw back. I paddle with the guy, who made it. He also made a couple more. He is not currently on PCOM.