Wave Ski in Costa Rica

I am planning a trip to Dominical Costa Rica and was wondering if anyone has surfed there with a Wave Ski? if so, what was the attitude of locals etc… how is the surf? We are leaving in a few weeks and would love any info. Thanks!

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Lot’s of folks who have surf kayaked in Costa Rica. Also check out the www.sopsa.org webpage.


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If you check the San Onofre Paddle Surfing Asso. site (http://www.sopsa.org), click on the Gallery page and scroll down to the the 3rd and 4th photos. These were taken a couple of years ago at Playa Negra, one the premier breaks on the Pacific side.

Surfed Dominical
about ten years ago. When my friend and I were there the surf was big, fast and dumpy. Not ideal for surf kayaking. Actually two people drowned when we were there…One a boy on his ninth birthday :frowning: We searched for the kid for about an hour in the surf zone to no avail.

To the south a short paddle is a big bay with two nice breaks. A good long days drive will take you to Pavones, one of the longest lefts in the Western hemisphere. Awesome place. North of Dominical we found great surf in Tevives, and another big bay with a wharf, town etc. Forget the name. River flowed in and there are salt water crocs.

So Dominical was the poorest surf on our trip, but you may find it better? There’s surf to be found for sure. Be safe, have fun, and eat well (great food)

Post A Report If You Do It…
several in our surf group are talking a possible Costa Rican Surf Safari in the coming year.


Ian and I have been talking about doing this for a long time. He has a chance to go to Australia next Spring for a semester abroad, if that falls through I am thinking about a trip to CR in the fall. Several guys that work for me go board surfing down there.

One interesting point… at a kayak expression session a while ago I started asking folks about going to Costa Rica … I believe 6 had been there and all six had been robbed or had very expensive items or wallets, passports etc stolen in the Capitol city.

Funny thing
My bud and I searched for an hour or so in the surf for a local boy who drown. We were worried about our stuff…Locals would not take our money and said “your gear is fine…no worries” it was fine. Could not pay for anything! But, we were the exception, due to our trying to help a local family. If you leave a tent pitched, etc., it WILL get slashed and robbed. Be careful. Stealing is a way of life there, and we’d e doin it too!

Historical Perspective
Unfortunately, with increased tourism and rampant development, Costa Rica has apparently lost a great deal of its innocense and charm.

I visited CR three times in the mid-90’s and one of the big attractions was the absence of criminal behavior. I was able to leave gear on the beach and never give a second thought to it not being there when I returned. I surfed and camped all along the Pacific coast…sometimes in very isolated settings, and never had anything go “missing”. I visited remote villages and while the standard of living for most Ticos is far below what is the norm here, my personal safety and the security of my possessions were never an issue.

How sad to hear otherwise.

This book can help you:

If you hire a local surf guide down there you will likely find better breaks and not worry so much about your kit. There is a lot of boat supported surfing there at river mouths like the sierpe, just a bit south of Dominical. Have to agree with Salty on Dominical, fast and dumpy. You haven’t lived until you spy your first croc coming in through the surf.


So can this website:

Theft in Costa Rica
While there may be some petty theft in Costa Rica, it is still much safer than most areas in the US. Would you leave your stuff in a tent on a public beach all day here? No. Just because you are going abroad does not mean you can leave your common sense behind. In all of the surfing areas down there, you can find decent rooms between $5-10 dollars per day, so why would you camp when you have a secure(as it can be) room to leave your gear. Take a look at the Lonely Planet web-site and go the the Thorn Tree Central American forum. Lots of info on surfing Costa Rica. Lots of surfboards available for rent and a few kayaks.