wavehopper or similar

Hi. I want a plastic boat to use for our local rivers, class I-II but fairly narrow, shallow and rocky. I’m used to paddling surfskis and racing-type kayaks, so the idea of buying a huge, wide, heavy plastic sea kayak is not terribly appealing. The Perception Wavehopper seems like it would fit my needs, but as far as I can tell Perception doesn’t sell it in the USA (any Perception dealers out there want to sell me one?) Does anyone have any other ideas? I want something narrow, so I can use a wing and reasonably correct form. I want it to be decently fast. I want it to go in a straight line. I’m not going to do tricks. I don’t care how stable it is. An old style whitewater boat, maybe? Other thoughts?


How about a Dancer?
Some used ones available for around $200. Or try these folks: http://www.usawildwater.com/

They have a classified section.

Wing paddle
I don’t know the answer to this myself, but am wondering. Does a wing paddle convert well for use in class 2, even to (try and) go straight? Which strictly speaking you are not likely to be doing.

that’s what the wildwater people use. it’s just really hard to go back to a regular paddle. and these are really more class 1 rivers- i just want to be able to run over some rocks with trashing my nice boats.


Pyranha has a new fast plastic boat
that might work with a wing paddle on the more open sections.

I think you’d find a wing paddle unworkable with most WW boats, even old school boats. While that wing is planing the hull is going to be turning, a lot. The boat would waggle significantly over the flats.

This is not even touching the issue of whether wing paddles can do what needs to be done in the rapids. There must be some WW downriver kayakers using wings, though. I’ll have to ask them at the local river.

P&H/Veture Speeder
Tough to find as they are new on the market.

Fun boat if you’re doing fitness paddling or downriver racing.

Only had it out on flat water but was fun doing slalom on the lake around buoys and other boats.



See you on the water,



Hyde Park, NY

cobra eliminator ?

OK Sprinter
The NZ folks call this a multi-sport boat which I understand translates into flatwater- Class II stuff. I’ve been paddling mine in flatwater and want to try it in some whitewater once I get some time in the boat. It is relatively maneuverable and it seems to have a fairly high volumn bow section. Hope it works for this, I’d like to race it in the Mulberry Race here in Alabama next March. Unfortunately they’re not selling them anymore in the U.S. but you can find a used one.


Looks good. Does the Mulberry race
have a class for it? I could run my plastic Looksha in the downriver class 'cause it’s under the downriver length limit.

might be the way to go. the wavehopper has been discontinued for 5 years. bummer. it would be perfect. i can get an eliminator with shipping for $1149, which seems a bit steep for a beater boat. i want to do this on the cheap. plus i’m not sure i want a ruddered boat for rock bashing.


No problems with a wing in ww



prijon beluga
if you can find it, the beluga is the same kind of 13-ish ft long wildwater design made of tough plastic.