Wavesport Diesel 65 vs. 75?????????


I have heard a lot of great things about the Diesel. I am thinking of gettng one.

I am wondering which size is better for me as I fall in the middle.

I am 5’8, 177 pounds. I am a novice whitewater paddler and I value stability (something I don’t feel I have a lot of in my RPM as the stern edges catch on my a lot).

For those of you familiar with this boat, which do you think would be better for me?



probably 165.

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Whoops... meant to say 65.

It also depends on how long your legs are. I'd sit in both and try them both out. The diesel is a great river runner/creeker.

You really need to paddle both.
You will ride higher in the water in the 75 and that will make ferries and eddy turns feel very different. You will actually have more potential control in the smaller boat but may find it a little tricky in the beginning. For example, it will matter more whether you accidentially lean back in the smaller boat. I personally like to be at the top of the weight range for my boats but others do not like that at all. YMMV.

BTW, I also think the Diesel is a good choice.

This makes sense to me…
I think that the smaller boat probably would be better in terms of control, but it would seem that the bigger one might be better in terms of stability. My RPM with its low volume stern causes me a lot of problems even though I try to lean forward a lot. I think that the bigger boat would be more stable and not be quite so edgey----probably better at punching through holes and haystacks I would think. This is important to me as well with novice skill base.


I like the 65 as a 170lb newbie
I’m 6’, 170ish, size 10 and one of the reasons that I really appreciate getting the 65 instead of the 75 is that it’s so stable that you have to iniate the control edges pretty aggressively and it would make the 75 somehat of a chore for me, I bet. I find the 65 to be relatively playful and quite nimble, but it was absolutely great on a higher-flow (4200cfs) Class III Pigeon Point on the Trinity. Perhaps if you plan to do seriously steep, biiig Class V+ drops as a creeker get the 75, but the 65 is really quite stable for everything else at our weights, and more fun once you’re used to it. The Diesels roll fairly easily and are fast for their length, too. Love mine.

Go 65
I have the 65 and like it. I am a Class III boater, 160 pounds geared up and 6’1". I max the boat out as far as length goes because if my legs were longer I would have to remove the foot brace and use foot bags or foam.

As for weight, it handles great and I think it would still be fine if I weighed 10 or 20 pounds more.

I have also paddled the 75 and it was too much boat to easily control. I am not very strong for my weight, so a strong paddler of my weight could probably handle the larger boat fine.