Wavesport Recon for beginner?

Hey all - new here and looking forward to picking up whatever insight I can.

I’m in my late 40’s and have decided to pursue one of my lifelong interests - whitewater kayaking. I’ve enrolled in courses for pool and river this year. I’m looking at a creeker (I’m 6’2, 215lbs before gear, so I’m in a larger boat for sure).

I have an opportunity to pick up a mint condition Recon 93 for a pretty good price. The other options I’m considering are buying a new Gnarvana or RMX96, but starting out with the used Recon puts me completely outfitted for about the same price as either of those new boats will cost me after tax alone, so it’s a pretty interesting option.

Anyone with experience with the recon? The hybrid displacement hull gives me some pause, but it’s a tough deal to pass up.



Are you getting a good price because it’s a fairly old boat? Make sure you check for damage, especially where hardware and outfitting connects to the hull, and that the outfitting is in good condition. A lot depends on where you are going to paddle. For starting out on whitewater as long as you don’t get a very aggressive playboat, and get a boat that isn’t a dog to roll you should be OK. I would talk to local paddlers and get their opinion on the boat. Most kayakers who aren’t paddling rec boats will give you a straight up opinion when selling their equipment. Wavesport makes good boats but there are not a lot of whitewater paddlers here, and not real likely those that post often here would have tried a large entry level creeker like that.

Thanks for the input, SeaDart.

Good price is a relative term. I’m in Canada, so even the used prices are inflated. I’ve not had a chance to look at it yet, but the pics are mint. The asking is $1k, which seems on the high side given it’s the bare boat.

I’m in Quebec - I live right beside the Ottawa and the Rouge, so I’ll mostly be on higher volume water. I do plan to do some boating in my home region as well (Labrador) - if I can get other interested paddlers - so I want something that can be enjoyed through the learning curve and grow into. That said, while I’m new to kayaking, I grew up on the ocean and in rivers in canoe and boat, so the mechanics of kayaking will be new, but reading water won’t be.

I got some great feedback from Alex Barham. He has paddled a lot up this was and pointed out a planing hull is better suited to my region, so I’m gonna pass on the Recon.

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Yes, go with local advice for whitewater equipment. I have some ancestors on my mother’s side who came from your neck of the woods. I’ve visited a few times but have not paddled the Ottawa. I did watch some paddlers at a huge standing wave and hole, you should have lots of people who can aim you in the right direction for lessons and equipment. Paddling in Labrador sounds pretty cool, my advice is go for it and do it before you get old .

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