wavy hull

I just purchased a new factory second WS Tsunami 160. I tried to inspect it pretty close but there were a bunch I was looking over and of course now that I get it home I am doing more of a fine tooth comb inspection.

I am noticing that the bottom of the boat in the middle it is mildly wavy. In other words, as I run my hand along the bottom below where the seat is I can feel almost like very subtle rolling hills with my hand as i run it along the bottom. It is subtle enough that it is not obvious in certain light conditions but obvious enough that it can be easily seen in other light conditions. It appears to be the same on both sides and on both sides it is only for about 3 feet of length…everything else seems very flat and straight.

I am not sure if this is at all normal or this is the cause of the blem rating…but the bigger question is whether this would be any sort of detectable issue in the water. I would rather return it and spend several hundred dollars more if this might impact the performance at all.

No way you would notice the difference
I would bet my last nickel that in a blindfold test doing anything you are likely to do in that boat that no one could tell which boat was which.

if you can barely see 'em your butt won’t feel 'em.

I’d like to see a picture of it, if possible.