Wax for a SOT yak?

I have a Perception Pescador 120 (a.k.a. old Wilderness Tarpon mold).

I was thinking of applying a car type wax to the exterior. Figured it couldn’t hurt adding hull protection and life to the yak. Anyway, the exterior of the hull below the waterline is not completely smooth. It has a fine textured finish to it. I would like to find a wax that I can apply that doesn’t dry “white”. I think if I put a car type wax on the hull it would penetrate the rough texture and I would be stuck with a red kayak with a whitish bottom.

Opinions? Thanks!

Go 303 - skip the wax


At the very end is a link to:


The 303 product can be put on your PFD, your skirt,

your hatches, etc., etc. so its versatile.

I know people that use it on tents, bivvy sacks, etc.

It’s ALL about applying it to a DRY surface;

and then letting it DRY, completely, and thoroughly,

to bond effectively. Follow the directions.

Excess 303 polymer may "“look” great,

but dust will stick to it.

When it rains; this unbonded crud

“washes off” and will streak the surfaces below.

If you buff - use a DRY cloth.

The 303 polymer needs to bond with the surface.

The energetic rays of the sun will break down materials.


Feel free to to do your own research,

but I doubt you’ll find a better product than

303 protectant for use as a “sunscreen” coating

the topside of your boat.

They found a way to “block” solar radiation

between between 290 and 400 nanometers.

Go paddle instead!
The plastic does not need any wax or uv protective goop. Just store it indoors or in the shade with a UV protective tarp.

If you were paddling very shallow, rocky
rivers, then wax might help. I’ve used it for that purpose. I’ve also used 303, properly applied, and while it may cause your boat to slip down the grass and into the water when you’re not looking, I have not been able to detect an effect of 303 for slipping over gravel beds.

As for UV, your SOT undoubtedly has UV protection mixed into the plastic.

Car waxes and yacht waxes usually have UV protection in their formulation. The maker of two of my boats, Millbrook, specifically recommends wax over 303, probably because quality yacht waxes like 3M persist somewhat longer on the hull than 303.

I’ve never seen anything on the 303 website saying how long 303’s UV protection lasts. All they say is that no UV protection lasts forever, because all UV protectants are gradually destroyed in the act of blocking UV.

Does 3M dry white?
Does the 3M Ultra Performance paste dry white if not buffed out?

Dunno, I buffed it. But paste waxes
usually don’t contain micro-abrasives, which is what causes part of the white residue.

My wife uses Kit with carnuba wax in it
She does all our yaks several times a year.

It not only makes for a beautiful finish, but fills in any small scratches.

Any wax with carnuba should be good.