Waxing Composite Kayaks

For any of you who have composite kayaks and wax them, I was wondering what kind of wax you use?

I have been using “Starbrite Marine Polish” but it is very expensive and I find it does not stay on as long as I’d like.

Any other suggestions?

Old Fashion Turtle Wax…
Seems to hold up well…

Most any car wax works

I second that, but
make sure it has carnuba wax in it.

Jack L

The cheapest wax
you can find. It`s a kayak not a Ferrari.

My canoe is cloaer to being a
Ferrari than my car is.

Turtle Wax Ice
this is a synthetic polish of petroleum distillates, e.g. no carnauba wax.

Used to think Meguiar’s, Mother’s and other pure or nearly pure carnauba waxes were the ultimate.

Turtle Wax Ice proved me wrong. I use it on my vehicle, my bike, my composite seakayaks.

It goes on more easily and spreads on thinner. You can wax under a hot sun and it stays supple and doesn’t crumble.

The shine is incredible - on car and boats - and it LASTS. I polished my Matrix last October and went thru the usual MI winter w. salt, sleet and snow (and no garage, just a carport). Still haven’t rewaxed, I do that every fall. Matrix shines and the Turtle Wax Ice beads up like little diamonds.

One of my boats is 1997 vintage. From the shine and beading no one ever guesses. And it is UV protected.

Unlike carnauba wax Turtle Wax Ice also puts a clear, residue-free shine on rubber, plastic, vinyl, chrome and aluminum. So no need to buy specialty polishes for those materials - money saved.

I’m in no way affiliated w. the mfgr nor do I want to sound like an infomercial but this wax works!

Friendly Fire
How often do you need to wax your boat? I usually put two coats of wax on my kayak, and within a few times in the water the protection seems to be gone. Also, are you paddling in salt water? I am usually in salt water, so I wonder if that could be part of the problem?

Black Magic
Wet shine liquid wax and Turtle wax carnauba car wax were both rated highly by a consumer testing organization.

Good one String
Same here.

marine polish
Starbrite Marine Polish isn’t a wax, it’s a polish. Two different things.

Bill H.

need to?
it takes so little time that I polish when I want to '-)

that aside, my paddle season is 10 months.

polish midseason and one of the last warmish winter days before the boats go under canvas into hibernation. If not then first nice week of the new season.

Maybe one add’l time for vanity '-)

I paddle in fresh water. But my car is waxed in fall then exposed to plenty of salt during winter and early spring, and the Turtle Wax Ice holds up beautifully.