I built a Coho last year and was just wondering if there is any benefit gained by waxing the boat. Any pros or cons will be appreciated. If it is a good idea, any suggestions on wax? Thanks, Jim

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No on the wax.
One of the “joys” of bright finishes is that you simply rub it down each year with 440 grit and water and then re-apply a coat of varathane if it needs it. You don’t want any foreign substances adhering to the finish that can cause you grief later on, like a waxy substance that has to be scrubbed and sanded off.

David. Builder of 6 wooden boats, all with bright work or bright hulls.

I will wax the decks of my wooded boats.

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Most good auto waxes will add more UV protection (good in Florida) and it looks nicer. Use a quality spar varnish.

No, don’t bother…
I use ZSPAR Captains varnish twice a year on my CLC. Always sand lightly and apply one coat of varnish. Boat is 10 years old and still looks great. Water beads up on the deck for months after the application of the varnish.