I have a kayak I’d like to wax.

It is a Sonoma by Perception>.

Don’t want to ruin the finish.

Wax on Plastic??
The type of plastic kayak you have determines what works best on it. If you have a Rotomolded Polyethelyene Kayak, I agree to not put any wax on it. Use the 303 Protectant on it on a regular basis, and it will shine like new for a long time.

“IF” you have a Kayak made with the newer Thermo formed “hard plastic”, like Perception has out, or Hurricane Aqua Sports, or Eddyline, this is a diffenent type of “plastic”, and I don’t like the way the 303 works on it as much as I like what I use.

For these types of “Hard” plastics, I use a product designed for boats. It is “Star Bright Boat Polish with Teflon”. This is super stuff, and also protects from UV rays. It tells you to put two coats on within 30 days, and after the second coat it is smooth like you wouldn’t believe. “River scum”, oil residue, and dirt just wipe off with a damp rag. The service manager at a local powerboat shop reccomended it to me, and I have been using it for a couple years now on my fiberglass Boreal “Nanook”, and my wife’s hard plastic Hurricane Aqua Sports “Tampico” kayak. I think this is the best!!

Let’s all say this

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together go to a marine or kayak store and buy some 303 uv protectant. Wax will turn white on plastic.

If you have the composite sonoma you cna wax it with a boat wax with teflon if you like it slick.

2nd the 303. If you want it really
slick, use Armorall.

Be alert to new products
Armorall is good. Auto supply stores seem to have many choices of UV protection for plastic & fibreglass surfaces. The uv protection is fantastic as well as restoring the original faded color [McGuires]. These products are usually clear not milky so they don’t dry chalky or white and leave white residue in cracks. Wax is old fashion and more work. Clear protectants may have to be applied oftener but it’s easy and quick.

I’ve heard the knock that
armorall uses lots of solvents and in the long run is not the best thing for plasticizers. I’m sticking with the 303 but would be interested in results from folks using armor-all on kayaks for ten years or more.

303 on my car…

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After seeing how nice 303 made my SOT look I tried it on the plastic parts of my car. It lasted way longer than anything else I have ever used. Too $$$ for the tires, save the Armorall for that and a word of caution the dash will stay VERY shinny for many days.... GH

Boat Wax

Never use wax
Wax will remain white in all the scratches, compelling you to find an old toothbrush to clean them out. It may look shiny elsewhere but does not give you any real protection. Consider 303 protectant, amor-all, Pledge furniture polish.

Never wax.

See ya!