way down

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9:18AM 8-30


ok then: http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/index.php?wfo=tae

I wuz polishing n waxing the van's right side when rain began at noon so I accessed Goes seeing Hermine just streak out of Georgia like a...

apparently not leaving a drop.


It was a dark n dreary night …

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For we Floridians, 9 is an extended weather event. 9 is on the charts for days n 9 is still way south tho showing signs of heading to shallow warm water onto the Big Bend.

Mosquito spraying ramped up into the eyewatering Louisiana level rarely suffered here. Wind directions suggest possible carry into SC/coastal Ga.

Thwang...surf sound rolls across the moor. Rarely herd. NHC sports 2 serge maps.

A jogger runs by...

There's a NASA drone stormwise. NHC complains of spurious readings. One model had 9 dissapating. The course was adjusted westward last night but the hurricane watch went eastward: windy.

We predict a damp week. Cool n breezy in SWFL

However, Tampa Trib advises:


new moon up at landfall.

we have
the outer band throw off from ? 200 miles…Night On Bald Mountain …comin down good.

Heard it come across the field ran out close hood start motor…electric windows but it beat me with a good spray thru the windward side.

Feels like a good initial soaking.