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2 weeks ago we came back from 3 1/2 weeks in England and Poland. In Poland, we were in Krakow, a beautiful city with warm friendly people and outstanding food. We spent a lot of time at the main square, which is the largest in Europe. We were there just before Christmas and the stalls were loaded with Christmas goods, gifts, trinkets, amber and loads of culinary things to sample, being Polish most of it was nothing new, but I did come across some new things that were outstanding.

I came across this video that shows the city well.


By the way, the bugling in the beginning happens every hour on the hour for the last 800 years. As the story goes, 800 years ago the Tarters were advancing on the city and a bugler sounded the alarm, but he was cut short by an arrow into his throat. So from the top of St. Mary’s Basilica on the square, the bugler plays to all points of the compass, but never completes the bugling. He cuts it short, just as it happened 800 years ago.

Night photo of Christmas market


Nice. Followed your trip on fb


How do they find a bugler willing to take an arrow in the throat every night?

@pirateoverforty said:

How do they find a bugler willing to take an arrow in the throat every night?

Remember, this is the Polish we are talking about… hehehe

Just kidding!

I was in Poland some forty years ago, while it was still under the influence of the communists. It was sad and gray, no vibrancy and people walked like automatons. This time around, Poland was vibrant, colorful, friendly and eager. Shops, restaurants and bars are everywhere. Technically similar to Western Europe. Smart phones everywhere, WIFI common and accessible.

My favorite treat to have while walking around the market on a cold night was mulled wine!