.. way to strapping kayak or not?

The other day observed an inverted plastic rec kayak with straps holding it down in a way I’ve never seen done before. The front strap went from the front cross bar to the rear one on the other side of the kayak and the rear strap went to the front on the other side of the kayak. They were criss-crossed. As the car travelled I could see daylight between the front crossbar and the kayak. Couldn’t catch up to warn about looseness… No bow and stern lines. What do ya’ll think about this strapping method?

Just don’t be behind them
when the boat comes flying off the car.

Are you sure
that they were using straps and not duct tape?

I thought I had seen every way possible
But that is a new one.

Jack L

forget the strapping method…
…I’ve never seen an inverted kayak!