Wayah Bald camping???

Anyone know any campgrounds in the Wayah Bald area of western NC. Wayah Bald is between Nantahala Lake and Franklin. This is an area with whitewater opportunities but I’m more interested in hiking etc in the area and just wondered if anyone had any info/suggestions.



try NOC
You might give a call to Nantahala Outdoor Center. They don’t run camping trips, but they might be able to steer you in the right direction. www.noc.com

Anyone else have any info?

You may want to ask
You question on Whiteblaze.net…I’m sure you’ll get a ton of good information. Site is composed of AT hiking enthusiasts…

There used to be several campgrounds at Bryson City very near Wayahbald.

I went over Wyah Bald
on the AT once in February…10 inches of snow on either side of the summitt and 8 inches on top…the view back into Georgia is stunning…the climb up from Wesser is 5 miles, if north bound on the trail I would pack as light as possible.

Thanks for the responses…
I do very much appreciate it!!!