WD 40

I read an article in a magazine some time ago about people that used WD40 on their fishing lures as an attractant. I think they were fishing for smallmouth bass, can’t recall for sure.

Anybody have a little closer to first hand experience?

Though I can’t say it worked as an attractant. It certainly didn’t scare the fish off. I use it on my spinner rigs and spoons to help prevent rust. I’ve had a a few 50 fish days this year so I think it certainly can’t hurt. I don’t spray it on specifically as an attractant.

WD does work
WD-40 does work to attract fish, but these days, there are any number of products that do the same thing without spraying toxic petroleum products directly into the water, and into the mouth of a fish I may eat.

Check out Smelly Jelly.

WD 40 used to work because it
contained fish oil. Don’t think it does anymore,

but people use it ans swear by it. An aunt, decesed many years ago at age 86, swore by WD 40 for arthritis. She sprayed it on her knees. Of course, it had DMSO, a solvent known for its use with race hoses and aching joints.