We ♥ our Falcon and Merlin

I enjoy every one’s postings on this group and the info shared. Have not been out on the water for an eternity and miss it.

If the following is against the group’s policy or anyone is insulted by this note, please have it removed. I’m just trying…

Our kayaks are in a storage unit that is about to be auctioned because of back rent owed. My husband has a brain injury and I spent too much time being a caregiver and not enough time taking care of our home needs.

Would you or a friend consider making a small gift toward helping us save our kayaks? I’m hoping that everyone’s support for these 2 well loved kayaks will grow into the back rent owed so my husband has the chance to go out on the water again.

I have no social network to draw from, nor loan opportunity available. Over the years I’ve had to sell off everything of value to cover medical expenses,…but have always managed to hold onto the kayaks because it’s my husband’s goal to one day be on the water again in his Falcon. Willing to sell my Merlin to save his Falcon, but know it’s not really the time of year to sell.


Thank you,


A suggestion:
Sell your Merlin.

You should be able to pay off the back money that is owed and have a bunch left over.

I put myself in your position and that is what I would do.

Perhaps you could put the name, and telephone number of the storage company here along with what unit number it is.

Then those that want to help can send their donation direct to the storage company

Jack L

Selling Merlin?
Thank you for taking the time to respond. What is the best way to sell the Merlin now that it is end of season basically. I was told it wouldn’t be worth anything now. Haven’t heard back from the dealer where it was purchased.

I have no problem sharing the storage unit info with the group. My only hesitation is that then all information will be out there and someone can purchase these 2 kayaks for pennies. It’s a problem, because I have nothing to hide, but I also want to leave availalbe my option of bidding on the unit as a last resort.