"We are all in this together"... Rant

So tired of hearing this. You are not in this with me or I with you. So stay away…
If you want to lick door knobs then go into the woods and die without bothering anyone and let the bears clean up your mess that is all fine with me…

Live free or die…

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I am absolutely good with people taking whatever measures they feel are needed and certainly no matter what the illness that is what we all need to do. Lockdown, biohazard suit, running around like nothing is wrong. Whatever you feel is appropriate for you and the people you are in contact with.

My only concerns are people telling others what to do, and what the government has been doing. We are all absolutely free to take any and all safety measure we need, the government has a very strict set of rules they are supposed to operate within.

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Bear Up To the Doors of Deception - Do Not Attempt To Adjust the Knob To Those Outer Limits

I was just stragglin’ through the forest,
searchin’ for a doorknob to lick.
I t’wer findin’ knot hole a’plenty,
not knob fixtures fer tongue to slick.

I was a feelin’ mighty all alone,
when up behind me comes a grizz.
He said, “We’re all in it ta’gether,
though now in fer it more you iz!”

And I sez, “Hold juz minute thar bar!
If in it more iz I than you,
then let me remove this har mask
and address you now as ‘Achoo’”

Well he didn’t take too kindly,
to my Flemish-tossed accent,
but I a told him, “Fer ya swipe me,
might choose to breath deep and repent.”

“Hah,” he sez, defiant,
“We bars no cause to repent!”
Then with mighty paw he cleaves my all,
last blood and breathe now I did vent,

and as Grizz sat back lick’n his chops
t’weren’t too long before he’s green,
and my left ear still stuck ta skull did hear,
him snort, “Damn! Covid-19”

Now four weeks we’s in our decay,
but hungry buzzards and beasts know better,
so the gophers and bugs this trench have dug,
Mr Grizz and I are in it ta’gether.


Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

Door knob licking? Has that become trendy of late? (I’m gonna have to search for some vids on youtube.):thinking:

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not a good idea! Review Christmas Story. Ok. it is not a door knob but a flagpole For some it is still winter! That is all that is pertinent to you… So you can ignore the rest of what I wrote.

I get the rant. I feel likewise. I am “vulnerable aged”. That I want to do another canoe trip for ten days camping on Lake Superior is not appropriate age wise. That I love galivanting around is not wise.
I am not appropriate either! I don’t ever ever want to be in a old age home. I would rather die camping paddling Superior than isolating myself at home because it is safe.

Heck no we are not all in it together. What is good for me may not be good for you so lets not generalize!

The lack of accommodations and bathrooms enroute is quashing travel plans far afield. Look for me on Wheat Island in Maine. Govt be dammed. The islands are open and the launches too. I will be poking around Merchants Row. I can launch without a bathroom stop!

Thanks for the reminder about bathrooms. Just checked my stash of Travel Johns. Three boxes so I’m set for a while. But did order four more boxes since they won’t get here for a month or so. Am I turning into a hoarder?

Yes, it is still winter unfortunately. But I’m totally with grayhawk about that silly platitude being bandied about.

You mean you don’t think TV actors care about us? How cynical!

I also find platitudes annoying, some of them. My un-fave right now is all the advice to take this time to reconsider and rest priorities, reinvent your self etc. I know people home schooling kids, an income lost and no day care - the idea of having the luxury to site back, draw yogi breaths and reconsider their relationship to the universe is absurd. They are trying to figure out how to get food.

Some of the together stuff is impacted by where you live. The importance of assuring survival level resilience in some portions of the population is a bit more apparent in urban/suburban areas than the middle of the woods.

Being aged enough so I am officially in a risk group is not something I would personally care about at all. Unfortunately there is an older broad living in a nursing home who cares a great deal since I hold her power of attorney and get the bills paid.

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Yeah… It’s a platitude. But, IMO, easier to deal with than the @ssholes cutting lines of seniors at the supermarket; horders of toilet paper, sanitizers and wipes; young folks still gathering to drink and party (and by their actions are saying, “eff my grandparents, other at risk family members”), dip$hit running to buy his/her first gun (to protect stash of horded toilet paper) and doesn’t know first thing about firearm safety (wait until the family kid blows his/her brains out or that of a sibling); or, the ones that said I can take of myself – gets hurt and then bitches about why the EMTs don’t come fast enough and that s/he can get into an emergency room because there’s no capacity.

Despite what a small contingent thinks/fantasizes about their “self-sufficiency”, only a very minute percentage in their rank can actually survive alone without the invisible “safety net” offered by a network of others.


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Made me look made me look! Congrats… Never heard of Travel Johns…Till now! However I have a shenis that with a four door truck for screening makes that number one not too much of an issue. I was wondering about #2 I do have wag bags. Do I dare plop my five gallon bucket with wag bag and toilet seat on the roadside with a coverup blanket to avoid being arrested?

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Don your storm cag, set up the bucket next to a truck wheel and inspect the tire while you multitask. :grin:

What I don’t like is the gentle, etherial, psyche-manipulating music that goes with the new “we’ll get through this together” commercials. I’d much prefer AC/DC to slow jingles using three keys on the far right of a piano keyboard.


Travel John’s are great, been a few years since l needed them much but within their best use they are excellent.

I have, for a somewhat unique reason, been set up to use a quiet stretch of road and the side of the car blocking me for the last 40 years. Unless you are traveling in nonstop suburbs it is not a problem to find an opportunity. I usually have a basic plastic rain coat or tarp in the car, if more is needed.

Yes Tom, but with many folks (sadly) having to attend memorial/funeral services via the Zoom of Doom portal, it begs the question, “Do I just wear a shirt and tie with my pj bottoms, or, is it fully Back In Black for me?”

Electric Zither Breakdown,
and The Cavalcade Kazoos,
some folks would urge they play the dirge,
for my internment eternal blues.

The better reminder may to be to remember to wear bottoms of any kind while retrieving the mail. Apparently in one town at least this is an issue.

Dang…I’ve been carrying that thing around for years never thought of that. Might work for changing too…but it’s bright orange.

Funerals on line…you know change happens. I’ve been through the funeral thing so many times I get a “frequent dier” discount. Today the obituary and we’ll wishes are on line. Now the ceremony. Change happens.

Six years ago my oldest daughter on her second marriage went to Vegas and had the wedding on line. I wore tee shirt and shorts and ate a Wendy’s Baconator Burger meal with my feet on the desk during the service. Change happens…